Cosmic Disclosure: Global Galactic League of Nations

Season 1, Episode 8

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DW: This is Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host David Wilcock, and I'm here with Corey Goode who has worked for over 20 years in the secret space program, got out in 1987 and now has been pulled back in, in a very interesting way. After coming forward as an insider he has been contacted by an alliance that is claiming that it wants to take the almost supernaturally exciting technology and way of life of the space program, break down the walls of secrecy and bring it back here to Earth. So, Corey, welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: We've been talking about the factions of the space program in earlier episodes and we've covered them to varying degrees, but as I was mentally going through our notes I realized that, although we covered it superficially, we never really talked that much about the Global Galactic League of Nations group.

CG: Right. I always referred to them as the NATO-type group.

DW: You were always saying 'NATO-ish', I remember that. So, to open this up a little bit, let's think about this one – we now know that Joseph Stalin was well aware that “Roswell” was, in fact, a crashed “saucer”, because that's what it was announced as. And then, all of a sudden, the US government says “oh, it's only a weather balloon.”.

CG: Easy mistake! (laughs)

DW: So, I did some episodes for Ancient Aliens, in which part of the research that I went into, was that Stalin hired people to go back through the records, and what they found was - somebody had dug up a weird rocket in Siberia that had Sanskrit written on it and it was all metallic. The rocket, they couldn't get it out of the ground without damaging it, it was in the late 1800's, so they just left it buried, they reburied it. So, after Roswell happened, Stalin apparently dug up this rocket. It was so advanced, they couldn't make any sense out of it. But apparently there was also a chest in there and the chest had all these documents that included really elaborate blueprints and diagrams of spacecraft, how to build them and space stations. Really really “cool” stuff. And it was from that, that the Russians were able to develop, what are called “Cosmospheres”, which are spherical flying... ah, you're nodding your head, have you heard of the Cosmospheres?

CG: Yeah, absolutely!

DW: What do you know about those?

CG: Russia, The Soviet Union used that as their way of forcing their way into some of the secret space programs. Of getting involved.

DW: What is a Cosmosphere? How does it work? What does it look like?

CG: They were spheres, metallic spheres that Cosmonauts were flying around in, in outer space. And our spacecraft were seeing them and tracking them back to the Soviet Union. And it was very converning. And it caused us and them to open more of a dialog.

DW: How large were the Cosmospheres? How many crew could be fit in there?

CG: They had different sizes. They had them for, I believe, 1-3 people, and even larger ones.

DW: Let's take a look now, at a video clip. This is going to be upsetting for some people who are a little older and remember this personally. The Space-Shuttle Challenger blew up in the air. And what you're about to see is a video of a spherical UFO, taken by a cameraman who filmed the challenger blowing-up, and you'll see it right here.

(video plays - see below)

DW: Now, Corey, I don't know if you're familiar with this, but Lieutenant Colonel Tom Bearden (retired), claimed that the sphere was a Russian craft, and that they had attacked the Challenger on take-off. That this was part of this secret war, Cold War stuff going on with advanced technology. They were doing this to try to strike at the United States. Did you ever hear of that incident?

CG: We were already working together with the Russians far before that happened.

DW: Hmmm.

CG: The Cold War was, pretty much, a gimmick.

DW: Like a fundraiser.

CG: Yeah, I guess you could call it that. But, the people on the ground, the lower-level people were very much into it - it was real for them. But, when it came down to it, the Soviets and the Americans were, very much, allies.

DW: Well apparently it was only recently declassified – somebody posted this as a comment on my site after I wrote about the Manhattan Project, that the United States never was able to enrich anywhere near enough uranium to actually make the atom bomb. And that they got the rest from Nazi Germany.

CG: MmHmm (nod)

DW: So this kind of stuff makes people go crazy. Because we've grown up fighting these great nemeses and in WWII, even the women were getting involved in making bombs, and the threat of Hitler had captivated the whole world in fear. And you're saying that all this stuff is a big elaborate circus?

CG: One of these days, whenever there is data-dump of the true history of what has happened in our world, people are going to be dumbfounded, and angry.

DW: So, do you think that this is why the Soviets almost immediately had the A-Bomb after the USA had it, even though the USA allegedly had done such a classified project? That they just traded the secrets with each other behind the scenes?

CG: You know, that's all very lower-level ground-level stuff going on. When it came down to it, they were already working together in space because of different perceived extraterrestrial threats and they were working together to keep, as well as they could, which wasn't very.. it was kind of silly to think that we could protect the planet against these super-advanced extraterrestrials, but they were forming an alliance well before the Cold War, in space, to start protecting the Earth.

DW: Do you think that was the basis of Ronald Reagan's infamous speech about an alien threat unifying the world?

CG: Yeah, I guess it could have been. But, like I said, far before that we were already truly allies with a lot of the people that we have supposedly been enemies with.

DW: Let's take a quick look at that clip now of Ronald Reagan.

Reagan: I couldn't help, at one point in our discussions with, privately with General Secretary Gorbachev. When you stop to think that we're all God's children, wherever we may live in the world. I couldn't help but say to him: “Just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held, if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species from another planet outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries and we would find out, once and for all, that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together“ 

DW: So, you said though, that these Cosmospheres are kind of sneaky and annoying to the Space Program? So, how much collaboration was going on with the Soviet Union?

CG: In the beginning there was very little, but it became apparent, not only to the Soviet Union, but to all of the countries of the world that there were secret space programs going on.

DW: It became apparent at what time?

CG: In the late 50's and early 60's it was becoming very apparent. It was just obvious. And, ... the Soviet Union and all the big powers started working together, but all of the smaller countries, now that they're knowing about it, how are you going to keep them quiet? They wanted to be a part of this “saving the world”. Be a part of this secret space program.

DW: Were there intelligence services for some of these countries that were capturing and interrogating people, perhaps under very strenuous means and obtaining information through unethical practices like that? Is that part of how this was happening?

CG: They were obtaining information in any number of ways, including - We had agreements with all these countries that, any time a UFO crashed in their country, we were allowed to send in our retrieval teams.

DW: How early was that treaty made?

CG: That was going on in the late '40s, the '50s and '60s.

DW: That early? Wow!

CG: Yeah, we were retrieving UFOs that were crashing in all these small countries. So, I mean, they couldn't keep this a big secret. They didn't have to “put the screws” to a person really to find out what was going on. So, what happened was, they formed a secret space program, or a program for, that I called up until recently, the NATO-ish-type group. And it wasn't until I was in one of the Secret Space Program meetings at the LOC, that it was referred to as the Global Galactic League Of Nations. And, that just sounded like a really hinky name to me. You know, the “League of Nations”, you know. But that's what they were being referred to as.

DW: Well that's the precursor to the United Nations, right? This is like post World War I type of stuff - Treaty of Versailles.

CG: And, this group was formed, I guess kind of as a carrot to all these other nations, to keep them quiet and to make them feel involved in protecting the planet. They were told that there were all these different threats to the planet and that they could be involved in the solution. And they were provided bases and technology, but they were based entirely outside of the solar system.

DW: So who, in these countries, were lucky enough to be privy to this little world? Is this, elected officials, people like prime ministers and presidents, and cabinet ministers?

CG: I am not sure who of these countries knew about it. Just about every country you could imagine is involved at some level in this space program.

DW: So, do you think that it may have more to do with high-level intelligence agents in these countries and defense contractors, the military, high-level military personnel – the people who out-last individual administrations and elected officials?

CG: Yes and a lot of scientists.

DW: Hmm.

CG: It seemed like a lot of scientists were involved.

DW: What about bankers and bean counter, number-cruncher types running the financial system?

CG: They seem to have their finger in everything.

DW: So, walk us through, as much as you know about. You said this began in the '50s, '60s. How were these people approached and what do they see? How were they brought off-planet? What did they actually experience? How much did they get to know?

CG: This program was a fairly recent one. It didn't start back in the '50s and '60s. Back then is when they started to find out what was going on.

DW: Okay.

CG: I believe this was something that started probably, at least, in the '80s maybe even '90s. It's fairly recent.

DW: Hmm

CG: And I am not exactly sure of all the specifics of what propaganda they were fed, but I have been to one of their bases and I described briefly in one episode, one of the bases, but we didn't go super in detail about it.

DW: So let's do that now. Did you travel there by a craft or did you travel there by a portal? How was the method of arrival?

CG: Strangely enough, this was the underground tram system that you hear about. This underground tram traveled through a portal, came out on what was a moon around a gas giant in another solar system. And then stopped, and then we disembarked.

DW: It was on rails when it stopped? It was in like, a room?

CG: It came out of the tube and was hovering above a track.

DW: Hmm. Well, my space-program insider Jacob described portaling in a sub-shuttle system and he said that it's so fast that most people don't even bother to sit down because all you do is stand there, hold the pole, sshhht, and then you're out.

CG: See. I've been talking about going through a portal in a train and people have been telling me that I'm the only one that has ever said that....

DW: I heard that back in 2009/2010.

CG: Okay. People have been telling me that it's ridiculous, that no one has ever said this before.

DW: This is one of hundreds of things that I never put online so I can figure out who's who in the zoo.

CG: Okay.

DW: And you just verified it. So..

CG: Okay. So, as we disembarked..

DW: It's hovering how far off the ground?

CG: Off of a track, it's not far, just barely off the..

DW: Just some kind of little gravity system or something..

CG: Like a Maglev kind of..

DW: Okay.

CG: So we get out, and as we get out the first thing you notice - you hear announcements in English.

DW: And you see the Sky? Are you indoors?

CG: No, it's... immediately we are in what is like a cave, like a grotto kind of area.

DW: Okay.

CG: And, we hear announcements in English, just general announcements.

DW: Is this like a tropical moon with lots of lush vegetation, and water and rainfall, or..?

CG: Well, all we could see at this moment was just the cave.

DW : Okay.

CG: And we could see people walking around. Their body language, they're walking in 2.. two together. Maybe groups of 4 – 2 and then 2 behind each other or 3. Very relaxed, they seemed.. it was just very relaxed.

DW: Are they wearing shorts and flip-flops or..?

CG: They were wearing jumpsuits with the flags of their countries on their shoulder and very much like what is depicted in “Stargate Atlantis”.

DW: Hmm. What color were the jumpsuits? Did they have different colors depending on rank or position?

CG: Different colors, but.. blue seems to be a big standard.

DW: What color blue?

CG: I guess the color that the Air Force uses a lot.

DW: Like a light-blue?

CG: It was like a royal-blue.

DW: And you said that they had flags of their country?

CG: They all had all these different flags, from all these different countries.

DW: So what countries did you definitely recognize?

CG: Many of them I didn't recognize, but later, I recognized flags from countries like Estonia, and just countries that... the Ukraine and...

DW: Latvia?

CG: Yeah, stuff like.. you know, flags that I never had seen or would recognize.

DW: Anything from Greece, Morocco, Algeria?

CG: People from those countries were involved, but I can't recall all the flags that were seen. I didn't see thousands of people. I only saw a certain group of people – the group of people that I saw.

DW: Any countries from Africa, like Nigeria, or Chad or Congo or Niger?

CG: There were people that looked to be from Africa, but I wasn't running around peering my head around people's shoulders - that would be too conspicuous, but people were obviously from everywhere. And..

DW: So, South America..

CG: Right.

DW: Most of the “Five Eyes” right? The big western countries - New Zealand, Australia, Canada, they were all represented?

CG: Right, anywhere you can think of.

DW: Wow. And you said they looked happy and relaxed?

CG: Yeah.. It was nothing like..

DW: That doesn't seem normal from what you've been describing.

CG: No, the Mars colonies that we had visited, we were walked around by armed guard. We were told not to make eye-contact, speak to anybody. The people looked very gaunt and very stressed-out and unhappy. These people - 180 degrees difference.

DW: Hmmm.

CG: So as we got off the train platform and were walking towards where the cave had been sealed-off by a giant metal-type wall with an entrance that you'd go through to go to security, we looked to the right – there was a big cave entrance, going out. And it was like sort of a tropical kind of environment. And the different times we had been there, there were moons that were at different places in the sky.

DW: How many moons do you remember seeing at any one time?

CG: Two.

DW: Okay. Were they larger in their apparent diameter than Earth's moon?

CG: Depending on their position, yeah, they looked larger.

DW: Did they have any unusual color or surface features?

CG: Orange, one looked orange. And I really can't remember the other one because we could only just see part of it.

DW: Did either of them have a ring or anything 'funny' like that?

CG: No.

DW: Could you see the gas-giant planet that this was supposedly orbiting?

CG: I never saw.. I didn't see the gas-giant.

DW: Hmm

CG: But I was told it was around a gas-giant. But there was a strangely blue luminescent pool. If you were looking out, straight out of the cave, to the left, there was a strangely blue luminescent pool with a little bit of a waterfall trickling down in it. And..

DW: Like, built into stone? Like natural rocks?

CG: It was all natural, this wasn't man-made. And ..

DW: But the blue, that sounds man-made right? It's has some kind of weird glow?

CG: No, I think this was an actual..for this planet.

DW: Unusual thing, in nature?

CG: Right. And there was kind of steam that just stayed real close to the surface of the water, and there were people out there laughing and talking and having R&R (Rest and Relaxation) getting in the water.

DW: So, this isn't like the “Chronicles of Riddick” where some horrific creature comes up with a tail and “kaahhh”.

CG: No (laughs)

DW: A very safe, happy place?

CG: Right, they were having R&R, having fun, getting in the water..

DW: They have, like, beach-chairs around? And that kind of thing?

CG: No.

DW: Towels, the people..

CG: The people, they had towels and swim-wear, and they were getting in the water, swimming around, getting out..

DW: People having fun in a space-program colony?

CG: Yeah, they were having fun.

DW: (laughs)

CG: And then, to the immediate left was a big wall, where you walked through to go into the actual facility, to where people were going in to do repairs.

DW: What kind of equipment was being repaired?

CG: Certain types of lab-equipment that were involved in testing. It was different each time. It was highly.. specialty equipment that usually the ICC had produced. Either the ICC or the scientists that were assigned to the research vessels were proficient in working on.

DW: What was the “mojo” about this spot? You were told it was outside our solar system?

CG: Right.

DW: So, was there something unique or valuable about it? Was it near other places where other races had lived? Did it have tactical significance?

CG: The “scuttlebutt” (gossip/rumor) was that it was in the Pleiades.

DW: Oh, really?

CG: And a bunch of us didn't believe that. But that is what was said. But for some reason.. “the Pleiades” seemed to be this kind of stamp that was put on everything - “Oh, this came from the Pleiades”, that was “from the Pleiades”..da da da, “Pleiades”, “Pleiades”, “Pleiades”. So, it got to be, oh, “this place is located in the Pleiades” - Oh, okay, that again. So, that's what was told, but who knows where it really was.

DW: Given the fact that there's seven stars in the Pleiades with a fairly bright magnitude, that are all in a relatively short amount of space next to each other..

CG: I'm told it's a larger star-cluster than that.

DW: Yeah, those are the seven, like I said, the seven most apparent magnitude of brightness of two or higher. Are you familiar with whether being on one of these stars in the Pleiades, if it actually is the Pleiades, because the other stars are nearby, would they be larger than stars usually looked to us in our solar system?

CG: When it comes to point-of-view, where you are. If you're, say, you're in the Pleiades, and you're looking at the sky, you have a whole new set of constellations. Nothing looks the same.

DW: Right.

CG: So, your point of reference is totally thrown-off. There's really no way of being able to judge really where you are - even for the “eggheads” without the right equipment. When you arrive somewhere, either if you don't know the address of where you are being sent prior, or you don't have the right equipment that tells you where you are – you don't know where you are.

DW: Well, let me ask you this then, to just kind of, warm this up. You go to a binary star-system, let's say.

CG: Most of them are.

DW: Okay. Do you see two suns, if you're on that planet, in the sky?

CG: It depends on the relationship of the binary star-system. But, yes, you can see a faint star in the distance.

DW: But it's not as big as some of the movies that we've seen would have it? It would still be pretty faint and distant?

CG: Some of them are real close together, but these stars, the closer they are together, the faster they spin around each other, and the more dynamic the system is. The ones that seem to have more life on them are the stars that are a little bit further apart but are dancing in a gravitational dance together.

DW: Let's go back to this base now. When you walked off into this sealed-off grotto, was there anything about it that looked 'cool' or futuristic that would have made these people feel like advanced location, or was it all fairly conventional, other than this weird glowing pool that you saw?

CG: They had much of the newer tools and toys of the ICC. I think they were given a lot of new 'toys', technology to make them very happy.

DW: Hmm.

CG: And they seemed to be doing, just, a lot of research. Tons of research, these people.. its a derogatory statement, but they often referred to the scientists as “eggheads”, and they would say “they smelled of egghead”, as eggheads. But these people were obviously scientific or engineers. Scientific personnel or engineers for the most part.

DW: Approximately how many personnel did you see walking around while you were there?

CG: Just out, immediately, there were probably 3-4 dozen.

DW: Okay.

CG: And there was not a large security-presence. I did not see a lot of people running around with weapons. It was just very relaxed and laid back. Wherever they were, they felt very secure and the energy, the feeling.. The intuitive empath – the feeling of all the people was - there was no anxiety, there was no agitation, they felt happy, they felt like what they were doing was important, and they just felt.. there was a feeling of happiness and just, relaxation.

DW: Well, we're down to our last 5 minutes, but I want to throw a few quick ones at you, just to round this out. Did you see a hangar that had any type of unusual craft in it that they could use to fly-around with?

CG: They had a hangar, but we didn't go to the hangar.

DW: Did they have any land vehicles that they would use to venture out from this grotto to the rest of that moon?

CG: Not that I saw. I didn't see any type of tracks. Inside they did have some battery-powered trucks. Small cabbed trucks that were driving around with plastic crates in them, in one area.

DW: Did the moon have an atmosphere?

CG: MmHmm.

DW: It did? Was it breathable?

CG: Obviously. People were out there, outside the entrance of the cave. There was vegetation, people were..

DW: Outside the cave there was vegetation?

CG: Right.

DW: This is not some arid moon, because when we think of a moon we are usually thinking of a big dead orb.

CG: No. Many of the inhabitable spheres that are out there are not planets in the Goldilocks Zone, around those stars. They are moons within a certain density and size that are orbiting a gas-giant, in a certain orbit of a gas-giant that is a certain density and size. And that gas-giant can be any distance from it's sun.

DW: How big would the gas-giant be on one of these moons? What's the scale? Could it be actually something so large that it fills up half the apparent diameter of the sky that you're looking at, at one point? Or is it farther away than that?

CG: I would have to be speculating. I haven't seen, myself.

DW: It would appear that some of Jupiter's moons, if you were on one of those, that Jupiter would be very large from what you could see.

CG: Right.

DW: So that would be a very interesting place to live.

CG: I believe that these inhabitable moons would need to be a little bit larger than some of these moons, and a little bit further away than the orbits of the ones around Jupiter or Saturn, because of the tidal forces they have to deal with, being in so close to Jupiter.

DW: What are “they” told they are doing? What are they preparing for? What is their mission? What is their objective?

CG: They are told that they are coming up with science and technologies that will help the planet Earth in case of, or in preparation of, an outside alien threat. Just like we heard President Reagan talking about. And that President Reagan clip may have been meant for this group.

DW: It sounds like it. So, they are essentially trying to establish a defensive foothold to save Earth from what they perceive as an incoming threat?

CG: I don't know if they are setting up a foothold, but I think that they're working on science and technologies that they fervently believe will help humanity protect the planet Earth.

DW: How much knowledge do you think they have of extraterrestrials? Are they kept in the dark? Are they told similar to the military faction - “You guys are it, and everything else is ancient, but there may be some out there that we don't know about, and we've got to defend ourselves if they show up”. Is it something like that?

CG: From what I've found out since all of this has happened - they have been heavily compartmentalized.

DW: So they really don't know anything about the full spectrum of what is really going on?

CG: They know some of the “spectrum”, but they do not know as much as some of the other programs.

DW: So this is like a little “mushroom patch” for the space program.

CG: Right. Compartmentalization – the lie is different on each level and each compartment. Everyone in each compartment is told: “You are at the top of the totem pole. You are the tip of the spear for the planet. You should be very proud of what you're doing. No one knows more than you. You are very special, very special. You have been cleared to know more than anyone else on the planet.” Everyone in every compartment is told the same thing, and they believe it.

DW: Well, it seems to me that this is a perfect way to keep the opposition silenced, by giving them some biscuits and saying: “Here, here's your tasty treat, now go leave us alone - off on this moon somewhere else.” Well you've heard it here. This is Cosmic Disclosure – very mind-blowing information. And there's much, much more where this came from. We have 52 episodes, and we may even be doing more past that point. So, every week you're going to be hearing fascinating stuff like this, so please “stay tuned”. I'm your host David Wilcock, and we thank you for watching.

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