Cosmic Disclosure: Inner Earth - Debriefing with the Alliance

Season 3, Episode 8

admin    25 Feb 2016


DW: All right, welcome to "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I'm here with Corey Goode. And we are following up where we left off in the previous episode with this astonishing journey that he had to the Inner Earth. Now, Corey, after in the last episode, we described that you were portaled out from the Inner Earth and you end up back in your living room. But obviously, Gonzales wanted to know what the heck was going on in that library that he didn't get access to but you did.

CG: Right.

DW: So what happens next? You said that you got spliced back in to the time that you left when you ended up back in the room.

CG:: Right. Within probably less than 24 hours, I was contacted by Gonzales. And we met locally.

DW: In person.

CG:: In person. And had one of our discussions over a beer and talked tentatively over a lot of the stuff that went on. He was giving me some new intel finally about a lot of the things that were happening in the Earth Alliance, a lot of things that were not going so well, things that were falling apart, and that there was going to be a big SSP Alliance Council meeting and briefing that I was going to need to be a part of to discuss the part of the meeting that he wasn't at, which involved the library.

DW: I'm curious on a personal level and also for the show, what is the problem with the Earth-based alliance? We know that there's a significant Eastern component to it, right?

CG:: Very much.

DW: It's coming out of China and Russia. So does it have to do with China in some way? Or what are we dealing with here?

CG:: The Earth Alliance is made up of many dozens of small groups. Some of them are even militia groups. But the vast majority of them are some Eastern secret societies and groups that have a lot of clout and access to a lot of physical treasure and information.

DW: Now, one of the things that a lot of people don't seem to realize is the Chinese alone are holding $4 trillion in US bonds. And if they decided that they got a wild hare and wanted to trash the US economy, they totally could. And that apparently has been one of the threats that they've been using to try to get things to change. They don't want to destroy the US economy because that's where their economy lives off of. We're the ones buying their products.

But at the same time, they're holding a very powerful card there with that $4 trillion of our asset base, which is more than we have. They basically now control the wealth. It's just that they're not getting representation in the World Bank and the IMF for voting rights.

CG:: A lot of the same people from IMF are now power brokers in BRICS.

DW: OK. That's what happened after the AIIB, the Asian Investment Infrastructure Bank, got started.

CG:: Exactly. So what has happened with the Earth Alliance and the Space Program Alliance don't have the exact same agenda. They have the same overall goal.

DW: Do the people in the Earth Alliance know that there's a Space Program Alliance?

CG:: Not all-- some, yes. And they've met. There's been a sharing of information. All of the data from the data dumps, the high level Earth Alliance have the same data to be able to dump it as well. It's like redundancy to have the information with both parties. The thing that's occurred is that the Earth Alliance has been heavily infiltrated, which is what these so-called Illuminati groups, they're masters at infiltration and then causing groups to split apart.

DW: When the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank was first announced, which was July 29, 2014, or June 29, 2014, nobody expected like 30 of the top Western countries were going to suddenly jump in. But that's what occurred. So you're saying this is where some of this penetration from the IMF into the Alliance started, the BRICS alliance part started to take place.

CG:: It's occurring on all levels. The West had the 100 year Federal Reserve System. Now the East, they want their 100 years of a new financial system that they say is going to be more fair and more representative of the entire global economy.

DW: But if we release what you were calling replicators, we're not going to need money. So why do they want to have a financial system?

CG:: They do not want what the Secret Space Program wants to occur yet. They want it to happen down the road. They do not want-- they have seen all of the data from these data dumps. They have shared it with some of the Cabal people who have freaked out.

DW: They shared it with them?

CG:: Yes.

DW: That's high treason, man.

CG:: It's infiltration. And some of these heavy duty Cabal groups want World War III more than ever now.

DW: As a deterrent to this coming out.

CG:: Right. A lot of these other groups have been convinced that the data in these data dumps is irresponsible to drop on humanity all at once, that it should be spread out a 100 year time period, and that we should move to a new, more ard-- fairer financial system, Babylonian, that will still be a Babylonian money magic system, but more fair that'll be run by the East. During this, they'll release some of these technologies and some information, some disclosure about ETs, some disclosure about certain things but not let the full genie out of the bottle somehow.

DW: Well, I don't mean to insult the Earth Alliance, but this sounds a lot like when my brother and I would fight over a piece of pie. No yours is bigger, no yours is bigger-- I want. And fight over who gets to sit in the front seat in the car. That's not really the mentality that's going to get us through this planetary crisis where our ecology is threatened and where the oceans only have a few years left, the air only has a few years left. We can't go on using fossil fuel burning technology if we are going to survive.

CG:: Well, that's the problem. They're not a full united entity. They're a bunch of rogue groups that are loosely working together for world liberation.

DW: So they agree on that the Cabal has to be stopped. But after that, there's a lot of variance.

CG:: Disagreement on what comes next. Some of the Earth Alliance do want what the Secret Space Program wants, which is a full disclosure event, tribunals, and then full release of technology to all of humanity and then a transitional civilization to move forward.

DW: Well, there's going to be upsetting information, but everybody wins if that technology comes out. It's like forget about 100 years. Everybody wins.

CG:: Not everybody.

DW: What do you mean?

CG:: Those in control or who want to remain in control don't win.

DW: Yeah, I guess if you could look at it where in a transparent system, there's no reason why all the different aspects of government and where the money goes and how decisions are made, it could all be transparent and put on the internet. There's no reason for it to be hidden, although democratic rule sometimes could lead to bureaucratic inefficiency. Nothing ever would get done because any one person who's got a vociferous opinion could try to sway the whole thing, and it gets bogged down by committee. I was on a board of directors for an interfaith church where that happened. Everybody wanted to have a unanimous vote. You never get that. So nothing ever gets done.

CG:: So there's a huge fragmentation problem with the Earth Alliance, and a lot of people that once who we thought were united with one goal who are now kind of pulling apart saying, well, we're kind of liking this idea of a prolonged change in society and a slow release of information. It sounds more healthy. It sounds like a more responsible thing to do. They're rationalizing.

DW: Are there Islamic aspects of this alliance, like the Sufi Mystery School, things like that?

CG:: There are members of every part of society involved in the Earth Alliance.

DW: All right, so Gonzales is telling you that there's fragmentation in the Earth Alliance. And then what?

CG:: And that there has been some fragmentation in the SSP Alliance.

DW: Really?

CG:: The Alliances have been suffering. A lot of it has to do with these energetic changes that are occurring in our solar system. People are having problems acclimating. A lot of it depends on your spirituality, your polarity, what type of person you are, how you're going to handle these energetic changes.

DW: Well, to use Richard Hoagland's oft-quoted quote, "the good are getting better and the bad are getting worse."

CG:: And the crazy are getting crazier. So we covered that. They said this is going to be a topic in the debrief or the briefing, and that they wanted to hear from me, and that there are some people that were upset that I was alone at the library, and they have to rely on what I say is truth about what happened.

DW: Couldn't they inject you with scopolamine or something then try to extract the truth out of you?

CG:: That kind of stuff is what caused a major rift between us to begin with. No, that was not an option of them to do. But they have intuitive empaths there that are supposed to be able to read any type of deception on my part. But a lot of it is just ego, elbow throwing kind of stuff.

DW: Well, and their goose would be cooked if it wasn't for the Sphere Beings giving them logistics and the intel to make this possible in the first place. So if the Sphere Beings are having you and Gonzales as their delegate, then sorry if you don't like it, but the alternative is they're not getting the support that they need to be able to make this happen.

CG:: And they've been told to stop all offensive activity. No more bombing, no more shooting, no more attacking.

DW: Because these facilities that have been built are going to be turned over to humanity.

CG:: This infrastructure, this huge infrastructure that the ICC Secret Space Program component built is planned to turn that over to humanity at some point, to be the foundation of our new "Star Trek" type transitional civilization.

DW: So they didn't like the fact that you got this information and they got to rely on you to tell the truth. They don't know whether you're going to be lying.

CG:: Once again.

DW: Same story.

CG:: Same old story. So long story short, predetermined time comes, I'm brought to a different base.

DW: This is the Blue Sphere method again.

CG:: Blue Sphere method, brought to a different base, one of the--

DW: Off-planet base?

CG:: Mm-hm, one of the Kuiper Belt bases. And the room is full of the SSP Alliance Council.

DW: Just give us a brief sketch of what this room's going to look like if we were there with you. What would we be seeing? Is it dark? Is it bright?

CG:: It's well-- it wasn't a hugely bright room. It wasn't dim. It's somewhat like the lighting in here. It was not an amphitheater, but it was flat in the front and kind of like a piece of pie going this way around it in the back. And that was the only room I was in.

DW: Like a college lecture hall?

CG:: Right. But it was all flat. It wasn't angled down. And they were all sitting.

DW: How many people?

CG:: Over 60.

DW: Did you recognize anybody from some of the other meetings?

CG:: Yeah. Yeah. Some that I had gotten into it with, and we had kind of awkward forced apologies and shaking hand makeup kind of situations.

DW: And once again, you get the full spectrum of races on Earth in these folks.

CG:: Right.

DW: Indians, blacks, whites, Asians.

CG:: Just like in all the other meetings. I'm brought there, Gonzales was already there and waiting for me.

DW: And you're put in the front while everybody else is sitting and looking at you.

CG:: Front to the side. Nobody's in the front. And I sit down and a few people talk. They're talking about the different fragmentation and the Alliance, different things going on. Some of the things I shouldn't really talk about. And then they wanted to have the debrief of me and what happened at the library and the hall records and all that. So I get up, and then I give them my debrief, my briefing, and immediately I start getting asked questions or comments start coming out. Isn't it interesting that all of a sudden these subterranean groups are wanting to talk to these Sphere Beings and that makes you all of a sudden more valuable?

Like, I was creating a narrative that made me valuable.

DW: But they've got intuitive impasse that could tell if you're confabulating a story.

CG:: They were being jerks.

DW: They're trying to pose you as if you're trying to write yourself back into the storyline where they're trying to edge you out.

CG:: Being opportunists.

DW: And these are some of the same people you had words with before that were saying this stuff?

CG:: Right.

DW: Interesting. Well, it's the way they think. They're all coming out of a Cabal background. They've always got-- they think everybody's got an angle, everybody's got a service to self-agenda.

CG:: Like what I said, you can tell a lot by a person when they accuse you of something. They're showing you what they would do in the exact same situation, because people overlay the way they think and feel and what they would do unto others. So basically, I gave the full report that I gave in the last episode. And they brought Gonzales to the front, and they talked with him about him making contact with the Sphere Alliance.

DW: Did know that the Sumerian story was altered by the Cabal, that Sitchin was given false information?

CG:: They were not shocked.

DW: Oh, really?

CG:: None of them seemed to slide around on their chairs or shocked at all.

DW: Did they understand that Inner Earth beings were posing as ascended masters and influencing people's channeling?

CG:: They knew that this is something that I've talked about for over year a now. I looked back on my forum postings, and I saw the first time I start talking about it was December of 2013.

DW: Were they aware of these Inner Earth folks had books from the surface of the Earth that they were studying?

CG:: No, but they weren't surprised.

DW: So you didn't really give them anything they didn't already know then?

CG:: Right.

DW: But somebody like Gonzales maybe would have gotten more out of the library than you could have based on his background and training, which probably pissed them off.

CG:: Right. He would have gleaned more intelligence out of the situation than I did. The information about the Guardians being the Ancient Builders, being the Sphere Being Alliance was new to them and made them sit up straight and got their attention though.

DW: Well, and you got the Blue Avians when they say, when those people from the Space Program Alliance asked them, are you the Ra that channeled Law of One. The answer was, I am Ra, and then the rest of their name, which is exactly how Ra introduces themselves after every question in the Law of One. So this all threads together beautifully.

CG:: The Secret Space Program Alliance, a lot of them are not buying into the becoming more loving, forgiveness, and all that message. And a lot of them are having difficulty with the natural law, Law of One type of concepts. And certain groups of them that don't like the idea that there are an indigo or blue bird-type of being that's communicating. There's some issues going on within the SSP Alliance about what's happening with--

DW: Since they have, on the smart glass pads, access to this information that later groups came in and scratched off all the written descriptions of Ancient Builder race, and we know that these groups that came in later were more negative. They were making war, they were genetic farmers-- wouldn't it stand to reason that they would be obscuring the records that would show that this original Ancient Builder race was far more positive than they were? Isn't that a logical conclusion?

CG:: Yes.

DW: So you gotta just use logic.

CG:: And just on Earth, kings come in, and they scratch off the names of previous kings or rulers or people that owned or had dominion over the land that they now control. Like, monuments may still stand, but they'll be scraped off glyphs and script.

DW: So what happens after that? They're interested in the fact that the Ancient Builder race might be the same as these Guardians, i.e. Sphere Beings.

CG:: So they talk to Gonzales, and they want Gonzales to confab with the Sphere Being Alliance and do what they can to arrange some sort of meeting or exchange between this new Inner Earth Council and the Sphere Being Alliance because this new council was seen as a very positive thing, a positive new spin or change to the SSP Council.

DW: When the people from Inner Earth Alliance went to the Kuiper Belt SSP Alliance base, did the Inner Earth Alliance Council end up meeting with the same people that were in this room with you now?

CG:: Yes.

DW: OK, so they'd already met the Inner Earth folks. So now they're trying to facilitate and broker a deal using Gonzales to get the Sphere Beings directly in contact with the Inner Earth people and thereby eliminating you as the middle man, which they seem to be very keen on doing.

CG:: Well, they looked past me and ignored me and immediately started talking with Gonzales about how they wanted to proceed next.

DW: Interesting.

CG:: And leaving me out of the conversation. So you can extrapolate from that what you want.

DW: What did Gonzales say?

CG:: Well, he said as much of it that is in his control. He would get rolling or see what he could do. But as usual, very little is up to him.

DW: Anything else happen after that? Or was that pretty much the end of the meeting?

CG:: That was pretty much the end of the meeting. I received a few more details about some of the fracturing that had been going on in both the SSP and ground-based alliances, the concerns they had, the worry about a premature release of the data dump information or it being released in chunks, and the Cabal finding a way to corrupt the data that's trying to be released. They were very concerned about what was going on with the infiltration of the Earth Alliance, who had this information, and they knew that they had been sharing this data dump information with the Cabal.

DW: Now, you said that the Cabal is desperately trying to get World War III started to throw off the effect of this data dump happening.

CG:: What was said about that was that there are several different occult sects within the secret Earth government syndicates that have prophecies that they were trying to create in Syria, of Damascus going up in smoke or in flames or something like that, that they wanted to create that they thought would send us on a new timeline or a catalyst to bring about World War III.

DW: Is that like a Biblical prophecy?

CG:: It's a prophecy that they are-- it's a prophecy that several of these groups subscribe to. I don't know if it's a biblical prophecy either, as well.

DW: Why Damascus?

CG:: I don't know. But Damascus going up in a column of smoke or flames or something seems to be something that they were working towards. And then very recently, all of a sudden, Russia comes striding into Syria. I found that very interesting timing.

DW: And it appears from all the stuff that we're seeing from insider sources and just making logical deductions that Russia is actually striking against Cabal proxy armies allegedly called ISIS. Is that consistent with data you're receiving?

CG:: Right.

DW: ISIS is not Islamic at all, or that it's just a proxy army for the Cabal in some way.

CG:: Right. Created by.

DW: Now, you said the Earth-Based Alliance is trying to withhold a full disclosure, or at least some elements of it, so that maybe the Eastern Bloc could stay in control of financial system for 100 years. But not all parts of the Earth Alliance are on board with that plan? There's others that want to see this document dump come out?

CG:: Right.

DW: Isn't it true that somebody could just do it? We have the internet, right? Anybody can post, and they can release information.

CG:: It has to be done at the right time. There has to be a catalyzing event to where all of the rest of the people on the planet are willing to look at the information. If it's dumped and then all of mainstream media says, oh, a whole bunch of crazy conspiracy theory crap hit the internet. And then they're able to shut off access to a lot of these different-- it can be managed.

DW: But that didn't work with Snowden, because you got documents that have TS//SI//ORCON, all these code numbers on them. And you got insiders coming forward and saying, yeah, we know what this is. And you got guys like Greenwald and The Guardian out of London that are endorsing these documents. I would assume a plan like that must be in place for this document dump as well.

CG:: You don't think all those people learned a lesson from that?

DW: Yeah, I mean I was told by Pete Peterson, maybe you've heard the same thing, that--

CG:: You can shut down the grids, shut down, shut down, shut down.

DW: Well, he was also told that journalists en masse were contacted by the Cabal and said, you pursue these stories any further, and we're going to hold you upside down, knock the earwax out of your ears, and that's if you get lucky. And one of the big stories that Peterson said that they had, the journalists were about to come forward with, was that the reason why they stopped sending so much power from the whole western half of the United States up these big cables into the HAARP facility in Alaska and rerouted it into Bluffdale, Utah in this new computer facility, was that those computers-- they had data, these journalists-- that the computers were crunching everybody's phone calls and transcribing it just like Siri does on the iPhone. So they had transcripts of everybody speaking. And that story did leak quietly more recently, didn't really get much press. But apparently, they were going to come out with that in a big way, and the Cabal shut them down.

So you're saying that the Cabal has tried to make it impossible for another Snowden type thing to happen again?

CG:: Right.

DW: It doesn't seem like this is going to work out for them, though. It seems like events are going to just start to snowball and take place that are well beyond their ability to control. So could there also be perhaps some sort of extraterrestrial chess move, where they just decide to decloak a ship and everybody's gotta deal with the fact that there's this big sighting going on. You think that might happen?

CG:: There is a defense grid still on the planet. If the Secret Space Program decided to try to fly around decloaked, they would be shot down and destroyed.

DW: Oh, really?

CG:: Yeah. So this is going to have to be-- a lot of this also has to do with humanity, a lot of us waking up. And it has to do with what we've been talking about, our co-creative consciousness creating a new future and not allowing our co-creative consciousness to be manipulated by these Cabal-type powers that use our co-creative consciousness as the root of their magic.

DW: Absolutely. There's a whole lot of other stuff we haven't covered yet. So come back next time here for "Cosmic Disclosure." I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.

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