Cosmic Disclosure: Portals Navigating Time

Season 1, Episode 13

admin    22 Sep 2015


DW: Hello, and welcome to Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we are having in-depth discussions with a secret space program insider named Corey Goode. There's a lot of laughter around this subject, a lot of people who think that this is something they can ridicule on the internet. But if you've been watching our show, I think it will become clear to you that we are not dealing with something that is easily dismissed. Granted, we don't have all the documents yet. We don't have the degree of proof that some people would want. But when you start to talk to as many different insiders as I have, who have cosmic top-secret clearance and above-- and that means 35 levels above the need-to-know basis for the President of the United States of America-- these people have come forward as whistleblowers, and they all start sharing with me, because I've sought them out, very specific things. And it all interrelates. It becomes actually more of a stretch to think that they could all be lying from a unified body of lies than that they're actually describing something that's true. In this episode, we're going to go into the discussion of time, and how our physics will need to be altered based on what we have encountered. So without further ado, Corey, thank you for being here. Welcome to the show.

CG: Thank you.

DW: All right. Now let's get right into some hard insider data. One of the things that fascinated people the most about my insider testimony when it first started coming out online was what I shared from this insider named Daniel who claims to have worked on what most people call the Montauk Project, but what he called Phoenix III. What he said was that our military industrial complex had procured a seat from a crashed extraterrestrial disk and that the seat itself acted as a consciousness interface. And someone could sit in the seat, put their head back, and then there were 22 base waveforms that would be the energetic field of the person that they would measure. And you would go to what they called the quiet point, a stillness in your mind. Then they would have to zero out the chair, which means once these 22 sine waves stop jiggling and you can get them to stay still, then they would individually tweak the knobs on each one and make them flat lines. And at that point, so he was told and so he experienced, a lot of weird things could happen. For example, you could think about an object. And the energy that this chair would harness that they had to create a very specific frequency with these huge transformers, you could manifest that object in the room. And he also said that if you thought about a particular place that this sort of shimmery mirage thing would appear, and you would see that place through the mirage. And they could actually send people through that, and they would travel there. He also said that this was standard design for seats in UFO-type craft and that the pilot would think about where they want to go, and it just pops open a hole and they fly through, and they go. So before we get into all the deeper stuff that he said, anything that I've just told you, does that line up with stuff that you've heard?

CG: Mm-hmm.

DW: OK. Could you give some specifics on that, then?

CG: Well the chair, the chairs very much. So the consciousness interface with the chairs. There were chairs that we were put in in the MILAB Project when I was a child that the intuitive empaths were put in, that they would put us in and-- you mentioned the 22 waves that they would try to get us to go into-- in a negative way, we were being trained to be enabled on command to go into different states of consciousness that were measurable. And--

DW: How is that negative? I'm not sure I understand.

CG: Negative reinforcement ways.

DW: Oh, like electroshock torture kind of stuff?

CG: Electro-- yeah. They were putting us in these chairs that were ET chairs from craft. And they were trying to see which of us could change the wave, certain waves, in it most proficiently.

DW: Really?

CG: Yeah. I find that very interesting. Now we weren't manifesting things in the room or looking at other locations and that kind of stuff. But they were using that device that was a chair out of an ET craft to have us-- to test us to see which of us, through interfacing with this chair, could change certain waves on command.

DW: He was also brought into some sort of training for what they called apparently the Psi Corps, like a corps of the military that was psychic-based. And one of the basic things that they wanted him to learn to do was to go to what they called the quiet point in yourself. Did you ever hear that term?

CG: Yeah.

DW: What was your understanding of the quiet point training? What is supposed to be done? What's the objective?

CG: When you reach-- I think it's deep theta. That is when you're least conscious of your body, least conscious of your surroundings, and more in contact with I guess what we call our higher self, and more in a higher consciousness state. And all other thoughts-- no other thoughts enter your mind. You don't think about I'm cold, you know, what am I going to eat later, my nose itches, this seat's uncomfortable, this texture of this pair of pants feels weird on my leg. I mean you're having no thought. And people say having no thoughts is impossible, getting your-- training yourself to be at a point of being conscious but having no thought is where they wanted you to go. That's the best way I can describe it.

DW: Pursuant to my original question, did you also encounter information suggesting that the seat within a craft has an interfacing capability that would allow you to will open a portal that could take you to another space or even time?

CG: Yes. That's-- later on, I found out that that was how these craft operated. It was completely consciousness-driven. And most of these beings wore a headband, sat in these craft, and either wore a headband or sat with their hands on a panel and just like higher-density beings thought of a place they wanted to go, and the craft would phase out of this location and phase in to that location.

DW: Would this travel sort of automatically-- hop through the cosmic web that you were describing?

CG: No. This is more of not only-- we've talked about how everything is vibration. Everything has a vibrational signature. Every solar system, every planet, every location of a planet, has its own vibrational signature. And consciously, if you think of that place and that place's vibrational signature, and you can change your entire vibrational signature of what you're sitting in and what you are to match that vibrational signature. The universe is holographic, basically. Then you phase out and re-phase in at that location.

DW: Now in--

CG: Does that make sense?

DW: Yeah. In the Carlos Castaneda books, Don Juan, the original shaman, apparently there is a real guy named Cachora, and he's still around. Cachora said-- and this does appear to be real-- that some of these shamans can learn to teleport themselves. And the way they do it is if you can have an out of body astral travel type experience and then consolidate a particular location strongly enough where you keep it completely stable, and it doesn't shift, and it doesn't flux, that once you can really hold and consolidate that new location consciousness-wise, that you actually jump there.

CG: Yeah.

DW: So it does work that way?

CG: That's how a lot of-- some beings travel that way.

DW: Hmm.

CG: Yeah. They send their-- we call it astral projecting. Or they send their consciousness there. They see the surroundings. They recon where they're proposing to go. They gauge the vibration of that area. And then they report that vibration back to their conscious body, and the conscious body changes its vibration and phases out of where it was and comes to the location of where their consciousness is.

DW: So is the chair within a craft sort of a technological assist to that process that enhances your natural ability?

CG: Yes. Some of these ETs have found a way to cheat, to be able to do what some of the more ascended or higher-density beings do to travel and get around.

DW: So the chair sort of enhances their own native ability.

CG: Right. Consciousness.

DW: Well I want to get to the core of why I brought this all up, which is the time stuff. Daniel had direct knowledge of people in the Phoenix III program. There was one guy in particular who was a little crazy, more than a little, said-- because they figured out that these portals that they were creating, first they thought it was only space travel, then they realized that you could go to different points in time just by thinking about where you want to go.

So this crazy guy, he goes and he says, I'm going to kill my father. Because they figure out they can go back in time.

CG: Yep.

DW: And have you heard about this particular story?

CG: I've heard of this paradox, yes.

DW: Okay. So instead of me talking, why don't you describe what would happen, or what are some of the historical cases of people trying to do weird stuff like this, and what happened.

CG: From what I read on the glass pad, one of the major reasons that they put buffers on this temporal technology is that some of this time travel experiment and technology got extremely out of hand. People were traveling back in time, deciding that if they killed one person, it would change the time-line. These people would end up coming back and being on the time-line they created. And it was creating all these schisms and split time-lines. And then they were sending people to go back and prevent it and fix it, and it was causing even more and more problems, and more and more timeline splits to where there were all kinds of fragmentations, and it was just way out of hand. And they started getting visitations from very advanced ET groups saying enough. You guys have got to stop. And it was also explained that time is very much an illusion, that just as they were using consciousness, that was a key component, they were using consciousness in that chair to manifest things, which is something that we do with our mass consciousness every day. We're manifesting our reality.

DW: Right.

CG: This ability to use this device, to use their consciousness, to go back to this time-line, this time-line that these people are going back to, it was based on this one person's consciousness, and the polarity of that person, how positive they were and how negative they were. And the same thing with the people that were traveling into the future. People that were traveling into the future, if they were of a negative polarity cabal group, they were traveling into the future and seeing oh, there was this huge cataclysm. The rotation of the Earth changed on its axis. 90% of the earth died. All these horrible things happened. And then they would come back and report. And more positive people would do time travel, and they would see a glorious future. Well if the technology is sound and you have multiple people of different, I guess, positive or negative polarities that are doing these time travels, what does that tell you about time?

DW: That's an interesting point.

CG: The ETs told us to stop-- back then-- to stop trying to repair all these schisms and time-line problems because that just like space, time is elastic. And that just like if you have a highly-- just like a torsion field, you twist space. You remove the torsion field, space is going to snap right back. You screw around with time, time is going to repair itself. It's going to snap back.

And the scientists had a hard time believing that. They could not believe that time was an illusion and was something that was going to snap back and repair itself, and that it was-- time was a major component of consciousness.

DW: It would appear that if we go back in time in our own history, there's the legend of fairy rings, where you have a circle which appears to be a crop circle, and people could walk into these and they'd meet people that looked different-- elves, gnomes, leprechauns, dwarfs, fairies-- and one of the legends was that if you go into a fairy ring, you have to go out the same way that you went in, or else you will time travel. What are these fairy rings, and how does this relate to what we've been talking about? Did you hear anything about them?

CG: I did not hear anything about them. But it sounds very similar to these federation meetings happen inside of a temporal anomaly or a temporal bubble. And just like you described, you come in-- you have to leave the same trajectory you come in.

DW: Oh, really.

CG: So these fairy rings may have been some sort of ET temporal bubble that they had there to observe something going on. And if a person walked into it and got stuck in this temporal bubble, that if they didn't leave out the same way they came in, they would get stuck in for hundreds of years. And to them, it might've been minutes, like the Rip Van Winkle kind of thing.

DW: One of things that Henry Deacon shared with me was that time is actually sloppy, that time hiccups and makes jumps, but that we, somehow with our energetic body, glue together the glitches in time. We have a psychological buffer that makes it appear to have continuity, but that there are, I guess, phase relationships between our solar system and other stars, or planetary conjunctions or things like this, that actually are causing glitches that we're apparently not at a level yet where we can detect them.

CG: That's somewhat true.

DW: Really.

CG: Yeah. And until we learn to-- I mean time really is a complete illusion. For us stuck in this really third density way of thinking and consciousness, we're not going to really be able to understand it. But time speeds up and slows down all the time, because of-- the people that are out there talking about-- was it Nassim?

DW: Nassim Haramein.

CG: Haramein. Some of his information is just great.

DW: Well viewers on this network can watch Nassim's video "Black Whole", which was produced by Gaiam--

CG: Great, that's great.

DW: And there's also interviews with him on here.

CG: That's great.

DW: Yeah.

CG: The electro-plasmic universe and the torsion universe, these are the models that the secret space program are working off of. All of these other sciences that people think are cutting-edge that are down here that people are working on are going to be thrown out the window. All of these PhDs are going to have to go back to school when this information is released.

The true sciences that are being suppressed from the people down here are-- I mean the mathematics to them is a whole-- there's a whole new mathematics, too. We're working on a very archaic mathematics, physics, and-- but once we learn to understand how all these things work, we'll understand things like why time is always speeding up and slowing down. And it has to do with the torsion effects of the galaxies on each other, on our solar system, and on our minds, and how we perceive it.

DW: Well let me throw this at you. We were talking about the Montauk chair. And recently Pete Peterson gave me some very fascinating information where he said that on our back, right in the shoulder blade, there's a dimple there, and that all the nerves of our bodies cross over in this one little spot, and that this appears to be some type of divine intelligence design. And he said that these are called ports, and that many different extraterrestrials have chairs that have nubs that you have to kind of sit into, and the nub goes right into that little spot in your shoulder-- you're nodding your head a lot.

CG: Yeah. We use them too. You can download a lot of information through those.

DW: That's why I brought this up because you said these scientists are going to have to go back to school. Pete had said that, for example, a vision system can be done through these ports, that a lot of these fighter jets that we're using now don't have windows, that you can see through the ports, and you see in your mind, it has actual telescopic vision. And he said that you can actually download information right into your mind.

CG: Mm-hmm.

DW: Have you encountered anything like that?

CG: I've used the download function of that.

DW: Through the ports in your shoulder blades?

CG: Through the dimples-- yeah.

DW: Wow.

CG: Yeah. They've-- yeah. The download function of information.

DW: See that's so weird, right? How could-- this kind of stuff just blows my mind.

CG: And also there's so many nerve endings in your fingers and in your hands. That's why it hurts so much when you hurt your fingers compared to if you hurt yourself here.

DW: Yeah.

CG: A lot of the devices that are neuro interface devices have like a copper and kind of like a stainless steel plate that are shaped like a hand that you put your hands on. Or they have gloves that you slide on that have strips and metal inside them. And that is used for you to neuro- or bio-electrically interface with craft and other devices as well.

DW: Did you hear on your own, independently, that these ports in our shoulder blades have all the nerves of the body crossing through them, that there's like a big intersection there?

CG: I wasn't told that. I was-- this was mainly when I was in the MILAB era. We were sat in chairs. Uncomfortable-- two uncomfortable little nipples, kind of things poked us in the back. And we leaned back, and we felt an electrical sensation come through the little bumps that we were leaning on. And it would download information to us to teach us information.

DW: And that is an example of something that genuinely happened here. We'd never talked about this before. It's a very obscure, specific detail that you've encountered on your own.

CG: And I was told that one-- back then they said that one day this was how everyone will be educated.

DW: Right.

CG: Yeah.

DW: Well we're going to be talking a lot more about time. There's a lot of other things I want to ask him because this is a vast subject. Time travel, time jumps, it's something that people are really fascinated with. And we also may get into something he's talked with me about before, which is this weird parallel earth. That's all going to be coming up next time on Cosmic Disclosure because you need the truth. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I thank you for watching.

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