Cosmic Disclosure: The Dark Fleet

Season 4, Episode 6

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David Wilcock: Welcome to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and we're here with Corey Goode. In previous episodes of this show, we have gone through the various factions of the Secret Space Program (SSP). We've covered this very extensive body of information, but one thing that we haven't gotten into that much, which we're going to do in this episode, is the faction called The Dark Fleet and the very shadowy humanoid reptilian extraterrestrial forces who are behind this.

Before we get into the bad guys, let's just talk about the benevolent forces that have stopped what seemed to be a train wreck in slow motion that was going on.

Who's out there that's got our back?

Corey Goode: Well, of course, we have the group that we've been talking about a lot, the Sphere Being Alliance, and they've moved in, and they've been here for quite some time, some number of decades at least. [They] started to come in at least in the '80s, but built up their numbers.

David: And why would you call them Sphere Beings?

Corey: They do not call themselves the Sphere Being Alliance. This is a term that the Secret Space Program and some of the secret Earth governments gave them. They call them the Sphere Being Alliance, because they were able to gather, through intelligence, that it was a group of beings that were associated with these giant spheres of three different sizes – the moon, Neptune and Jupiter, that were now in our solar system for reasons they were not sure . . . why they were there.

But this group was not making contact with them. They were ignoring their hailing attempts to communicate with them. So this is just what they named them early on.

David: You mentioned that there was a group called Solar Warden, which was the first real faction of the space program, and they acted sort of like the interplanetary police force . . .

Corey: Right.

David: . . . tracking any unauthorized entry or exits. You also mentioned the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) is another faction that arose out of the military defense contractors. We've discussed Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN), which was sort of a United Nations type of thing, maybe a carrot that was offered to various countries to stay quiet and feel like they're part of something really cool, and they're in this war against negative extraterrestrials.

You also mentioned a military faction, the Dark Fleet. Now, what is it about the Dark Fleet that earns the name “dark”?

Corey: A number of reasons. Well, in Black Ops, when there is a dark program, it is completely compartmentalized to where no one receives any intelligence. The other Secret Space Programs received very little information about the Dark Fleet's mandate, what they were doing, what they were up to.

David: Really?

Corey: Their bases were completely autonomous. Other Secret Space Programs did not get to go to their bases. Their craft were of a different design usually.

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Corey: They had several different types of vessels that you would see that you would associate with them.

David: Well, could you describe some of what made these vessels different? What were their characteristics?

Corey: Yeah. And one of them is a very large wedge-shaped that is very much like Star Wars – the Destroyers, I guess, very much like those, but they're a little bit more sleek.

S04EP06 7cfb204e Sm

S04EP06 M2bc438a3 Sm

David: What about the little thing on top? Is that there?

Corey: Similar.

David: Really?

Corey: Similar, but not as high.

S04EP06l M3977fe1b Sm

Corey: There's also a very large diamond-shaped vessel that they have.

S04EP06 Md1c4193 Sm

Corey: They have a very large pumpkin seed-shaped vessel.

S04EP06 M6dd323c2 Sm

David: When you say 'very large', now, what are we talking?

Corey: Over 600 feet [183 meters] across.

David: Okay.

Corey: But those are smaller than the large wedge-shaped vessels.

David: Right.

Corey: And all we've really known about them is that they fight . . . They're an offensive force. They are for going and doing offensive type of work alongside the Draco. They go outside the solar system on, I guess, conquests or defending Draco territory, helping the Draco on military expeditions.

David: Let's go into the Draco, and then we'll go back to the human support that they get from the Dark Fleet.

Corey: There are a wide range of different types of reptilian beings that are involved with this Draco Alliance, but there are also some insectoid-type beings that are involved in this alliance and some very strange Nordic-type beings. There's been a little bit of information that they are a conquered race that was forced into servitude, but that are also a part of this federation.

David: Well, let's start with some of the basics, which would be if somebody were unfortunate enough to see a Draco, what are they going to see? What are we talking about here?

Corey: There's many different types.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yes, but they're bipedal. They have different types of reptilian beings, some that are quite short in the 4 ½ to 5 feet tall that look very much like Greys. They have reptilians that are of the Draco-type that are . . . they range from 9 to 14 feet plus tall. And there's a whole range of them.

They have different castes within their system. They have like a warrior caste. They have engineers, scientists, almost like a hive. And then they have their royalty up at the top that control and direct everything.

David: So let's start with the top and work our way down then. If you were to see a Draco royal, what are you going to see? What's the height? What are the characteristics? What do the eyes look like? What does the skin look like? Let's just get into that.

Corey: Well, I met, unfortunately, a Draco royal, and it's something that I've refused to repeat and so has Lt. Col. Gonzales. This one was around the 14 foot [4.26M] range, which is incredibly tall. They are incredibly muscular.

White Draco Full Scene Sm

David: They couldn't even stand up in a typical room that any of us would have.

Corey: No. Very reptile looking, had vestigial wings and a vestigial short tail.

White Draco Close Up Sm

David: What do you mean by 'vestigial'? What are you saying it is?

Corey: Like the wings at one time would have been able to support them in flight, but now they are just a remnant.

David: So they're just stubby little . . .?

Corey: Right. They're kind of a remnant of what I was able to see unless they were triple-folded in a way to where they could have opened up wide. I mean, it just looked like vestigial wings.

David: Okay, so we're seeing a reddish or gold colored eye. Is that right?

Corey: When it was interfacing with me, its eyes were morphing the whole time. It was a very psychically powerful being. And it penetrated the frontal lobe. It was almost like there was microwaves or something shooting into the front of your frontal lobe. It was very invasive. And both Gonzales and I, for several days, at least three days, we had headaches. We were nauseated. As we found out later on, it turns out that a lot of these reptilian higher castes are highly infected with nanites – artificial intelligence-type of nanites.

David: And you said they worship the AI as their god.

Corey: That may not . . . They may be working parallel with, but they have an overlord. I'm not sure exactly what that is.

David: But they're both like afraid of it and in reverence to it somehow.

Corey: Right. So this group is working alongside a human group that has all of this technology that has been enhanced by . . . the ICC has helped them build out a lot of this - these vessels and weaponry. And then the Draco group has helped them enhance it even more so for offensive duties outside of the solar system. And they spend almost all of their time completely outside the solar system. And we knew of . . . There's one of their bases on the moon that is quite a ways from the Lunar Operation Command that is shaped like a pyramid with the top chopped off.

David: Yeah, and you have an illustration of that we can bring up here.

S04EP06 52cab66b Sm

Corey: That's not my illustration. She needs full credit for this image. She had been abducted and taken to this facility. I was very surprised when people wrote me, and someone else had described this same facility on the moon.

David: And it looked exactly like what you saw.

Corey: It looked almost exactly, pretty close, but it's a very good representation. And it's been almost impossible to get good intelligence about what's going on there.

David: Let's go back to the command structure of the Draco, because we gotta map this all out as if people have never heard any of this before. When you see this white being, does it wear any clothes, or is it basically just naked with its scales – white scales?

Corey: Yeah. It was not wearing clothing.

David: Okay. And you have said before it has a very ripped muscular look to it?

Corey: Yeah.

David: Now, my other insider said they weigh 3,000 lbs. [1,360 kg.] and have a 5-foot-wide shoulder span. Would you say that's correct?

Corey: The weight . . . I would say, yes. That's probably close. 5 feet for the shoulder span – I don't know if that's even enough.

David: Really?

Corey: Yeah. Very broad, very intimidating.

David: And they have claws on the ends of their hands and the feet?

Corey: Mm-hmm.

David: What does this vestigial tail look like?

Corey: It was very short. It was about this long [3 feet/1meter] compared to how tall it was.

David: That's not very short.

Corey: Well, compared to how long it is in perspective to how tall . . . but it was wide, and it went into a kind of a stub.

David: Right. Are they all white? Or is this just one type?

Corey: No. There's another type that people describe as red, but it's a real weird brown that makes it look red that also has wings. They're smaller, and they're less muscular, but they're . . .

David: Now, these folks have the vertical slit pupil, right?

Corey: Mm-Hmm.

David: And the eyes are kind of large on the face like a Grey, or is that not so much this type?

Corey: No. It's in proportion to its skull as you would picture a reptile.

David: And there's just two holes for the nostrils or not really a nose?

Corey: Well, it depends on which ones you're talking about. Yeah, they have nostrils that will sink in and go up, and then there are some of them that have sort of a nose that goes up . . .

David: Like a snout.

Corey: Kind of like a little snout.

David: So what is the role of the Dark Fleet with regards to the Draco? What are they doing? Do the Draco run these ships themselves? Are they the pilots?

Corey: No. And I've seen a little bit of misunderstanding about this. The Draco have their own vessels, and the humans pilot control, command control, their own fleet. The Dark Fleet is commanded and controlled by humans.

David: What do the Draco vessels look like if they're not like these Dark Fleet vessels you're describing?

Corey: There's a whole lot of different types of Draco vessels, and a lot of them are shaped like triangles and large deltas. The Dark Fleet is completely human ran. They do answer to and work alongside the Draco Alliance. They're allies, and they go out and they do offensive battles and offensive expeditions together outside the solar system.

David: What are they going for? What is the offense about? What is the goal or the objective?

Corey: We assume that it's conquest or keeping certain areas secure or reined in in their empire, but we really don't know. It's been very difficult to get information and intelligence about the Dark Fleet. And there's been a few defectors from the Dark Fleet that were stuck inside of the outer barrier that was erected. Most of the Dark Fleet was stuck outside. And whatever information has been gleaned from those defectors, I have not heard. So they have been a very large mystery to a lot of people.

David: Why would anybody want to cooperate? Why would any humans from here want to cooperate with these reptilians that are basically like biblical demons or devils?

Corey: Well, one person's demon and devil is another person's god.

David: Sure. So we don't really know exactly what they're doing out there, but you said that when this outer barrier went up, a lot of them got locked out of our solar system.

Corey: Yes.

David: But it appears that a significant portion of their command structure, their elite, were actually in our solar system when the barrier went up?

Corey: Yes. Yeah. Command control and communications were still here, and a lot of their operational forces were outside doing what they do when this outer barrier was raised. So they became stuck outside of this field around our entire solar system that is way, way out past where the heliosphere is - out past the Oort cloud. It's huge. And they can't come back.

S04EP06 M139f6e73

Corey: So the structure that was here has somewhat been cannibalized into the ICC and defected to the Alliance.

David: You mentioned this before, but let's go over it again. If you saw somebody from the Dark Fleet, what are they going to be dressed in? What do they look like?

Corey: They were very distinctive. A lot of the times they usually . . . It's almost out of Star Wars again. They wore . . . They had a very . . . They looked very stern, very arrogant, like they felt very elite. They wore black stormtrooper kind of clothes, just very stern like. Very totalitarian acting. And a lot of the people that ended up going into this program came from a lot of the German secret society Nazi kind of programs.

A lot of them and their ancestors or people that were born later on after these breakaway civilizations occurred have joined the Dark Fleet.

David: One of the things that I heard from the other space program insider, who we could call Jacob, was that . . . and this is going to be hard for people to accept. And I'm interested to see what you're going to say about this. He said that the Draco had a very vast AI system that was monitoring the consciousness of everyone on Earth. So that if we start thinking in the direction that they don't want us to think, that we'll start feeling tired, exhausted. We'll get distracted. We'll want to do something else.

We might have a panic attack. We might suddenly become sexually aroused and say, “Well, enough of this. I want to go look at hot models on the Internet.” And that everybody has what they call a “file”, which is the electronic record of all the thoughts and how these various strategies work, and that that was one of the things that they built this vast NSA facility for in Bluffdale, Utah. It is to store the files.

And, apparently, it was not just the files for people on Earth, but there's enough computer power there, he said, the Draco were storing files on several other planets in our vicinity. Does any of that sound like anything you ever heard?

Corey: Partial.

David: Okay.

Corey: Partial. I've been talking openly about the ET, extradimensional/extraterrestrial AI threat since at least June of last year [2015]. And I've been talking about how extensive the threat is and how different ET races and the Secret Space Program are very worried about it.

They're very upset that certain factions of secret Earth government syndicates are very heavily using this AI, this ET/ED AI that is prevalent in multiple galaxies. And they've become what we call AI prophets. They've switched over to where they see this AI as a god.

And this AI helps predict probable futures and has helped them a lot, but it's disturbed a lot of people that people on Earth are using it. And it's been a pretty big revelation to find out that the higher caste reptilians seem to be AI prophets in a way themselves, and when they were able to create a dampening field around one of the bodies after they killed one – because usually when they would kill one, something would happen to where the bodies would disintegrate – they were able to autopsy a body and found it and it was quote “infested with nanites” - artificial intelligence nanites.

David: We covered the AI, those kind of topics. I'm curious if you heard about this Draco mainframe that nudges people into becoming really tired and starting to pass out if they encounter this information . . .

Corey: Well, this Draco mainframe . . . What I'm tying together here is if they're AI prophets, they're working with this ET/extradimensional AI threat, then this could be the same thing. And it is a major threat.

David: Yeah.

Corey: And this could also be a major component with the Dark Fleet, because the Dark Fleet people . . . these guys could be AI prophets if the Draco are AI prophets.

David: I've sat with Jacob and with Pete Peterson. I've asked these guys certain questions, and they will literally pass out in the middle of answering the question. They lose consciousness. And what Jacob told me was that this technology is intended to make it very difficult for you to continue thinking when you start getting into the truth and the information.

Corey: This also has to do if you have an AI signal infection. There are different types of things that will keep you . . . like, I had certain knowledge that they were unable to blank slate me with, but through different entity attachments or if they have AI attachments, they can manage people to where if they try to talk about something, they have anxiety attacks, or they get really sleepy – that kind of thing. So they have ways of managing people that they can't totally shut up or blank slate their memories.

David: So do these Dark Fleet personnel actually . . . Do they have homes here on Earth? Do they go out to work? Do they drive into a local military base and portal out?

Corey: I would assume that they are 100% vested off world.

David: The way you're describing, it sounds very military. I'm wondering is it all men, or are there women in the Dark Fleet, too?

Corey: I'm sure there are women, but I personally only saw men.

David: Hmm.

Corey: Yes, they're very regimental, very totalitarian, very . . . the energy you feel from them is very unnerving. They don't feel like pleasant people at all.

David: Are there different races of normal humans that we'd see on Earth in the Dark Fleet?

Corey: Yeah. It's not a Caucasian purity kind of . . .

David: Really. Okay. You mentioned that the Draco have different reptilian types, and you said there's insectoids as well. Did they co-mingle with these humans in the Dark Fleet, or is the Dark Fleet simply a human fleet that is a support crew for the Draco Alliance?

Corey: They are . . . It's a human, completely human, fleet that flies in support of and alongside the Draco fleet.

David: So you don't . . . You're not going to see extraterrestrials on these ships.

Corey: I don't think so. I've heard people talk about advisers, maybe one or . . . some advisers being on board, but this is like second, third-hand information that I've heard people talking about. There's a lot of mystery about . . . that has been so compartmentalized about the Dark Fleet. That is one of the biggest secrets still remaining even with those in the SSP Alliance unless there's information they haven't shared with me recently that they have found out.

The Dark Fleet had a lot of secrets.

David: Would it be possible for somebody to get brought into the space program and be kept compartmentalized enough that they wouldn't even know about the factions or they'd never have heard about the Dark Fleet at all?

Corey: Oh, yeah. If they were not in a position to where they had a need to know, they had no need to know. And whatever position you're put in, you're told basically you're at the top of the totem pole. Your ego is boosted up. You're told you're special. You're told you have open access to all the information that is. That works from the military projects that are pretty far down on the totem pole to all the way . . . levels above the totem pole that I don't even know exist – above what I knew.

There's people up there that think they know. They've been given the full clearance, and they don't have it all. So that's the way it's all designed so that the lie or the story can be different on every level and in every compartment of every level.

David: What kind of technology are we seeing in the Dark Fleet? Is it the same as what you'd see in other factions of the Space Program?

Corey: The offensive technology is very similar to the ICC with caveats and enhancements given to them from the Draco, I'm told. I don't know exactly what all that would be.

David: Do they have a kind of situation like what one of the insiders told me, which is the more technology you have, the less technology you need? Or you'll have, like, one device that just does so many different things that you don't need a bunch of different devices anymore?

Corey: Right. Like the same type of technology that would create a torsion field that would cause your vessel to move through time and space could also cause a local torsion field where a craft is and contort the space around a ship and cause a ship to break up. And that's beyond using particle beams and all of these things that a lot of people are talking about – different types of energetic weapons. They've got types of weapons that are way beyond what a lot of people are describing.

David: Do we know anything about how the Dark Fleet are recruiting these humans? Are these humans that grew up in space? Are they people that served in the military here on Earth? Are they from the so-called Illuminati? Where are they coming from?

Corey: They were being drafted from some of the MILAB programs, but most of them are bred for what they do. They come from a lot of these, I guess, Illuminati or secret Earth government syndicates and off-planet colonies. And they're very much vested off planet.

David: So you could be born on Earth in a so-called Illuminati family and get pulled into this if that was your desire, potentially?

Corey: Not necessarily desire. It has to do with . . . They find out what your talents are, what your proclivities are, what you're best in, and then they groom you to later on draft you into what they think you're going to serve them best as.

David: So if you're high on the scale of being a sociopath and having no conscience, no concern about torture and death of another person, then you're going to get fast tracked into this Dark Fleet? Is that kind of the idea?

Corey: That's a possibility.

David: That's the 'talent' that they're looking for?

Corey: Possibly. Like I said, we really don't know. There's a lot we don't know about the Dark Fleet. They're somewhat of an enigma. I think the Secret Space Program Alliance has received a lot more information very recently about them. I have not been briefed on anything other than what we knew before.

David: Do we know how many bases the Dark Fleet has? Do they pretty much stay in their own bases? They don't even intermingle with the other bases?

Corey: At times, they've mingled at the LOC, but, yeah, they have their own bases – extremely restricted – and, yeah, they have quite a few. There's a lot going on in the Oort Cloud with a lot of different groups, including the Alliance. The Oort Cloud has quite a few large bodies in it that have bases in it.

David: Like moon-sized spheres?

Corey: Very large moon-sized spheres. There's quite a few.

David: So then they'll dig inside like we've talked about before and build bases in there?

Corey: Right. There's quite a few objects out there that really haven't been discovered or talked about in mainstream that . . . There's a lot of activity going on in the Oort Cloud.

David: Would you say that the Dark Fleet would sort of be like the military wing of the Draco operation? They're not involved necessarily in this trade that the ICC is doing of manufacturing products and having people come to the showroom?

Corey: No. They are the business end, the tip of the spear, offensive, pretty much like sending in the SEAL team to go kick butt, take names. They're purely offensive. When they're leaving, they're leaving to do battle or some sort of tactical action.

David: These guys clearly seem to be the most negative of all the factions.

Corey: Yeah. You can feel it.

David: So what is being done that will enable this to all lead to healing for our planet? What is being done to stop the Draco?

Corey: Eventually, what's going to occur is basically going to be us saving ourselves. The Sphere Alliance is not here to save us. They're basically equalizing the playing field a little bit in some ways, but they have made it very clear that we've got to come up with our own solutions to these problems.

We've got to step up to the plate, do our own inner work and fix these problems. And a lot of this isn't going to happen until after there is some sort of catalyzing event where everyone on the Earth, to where everyone on the Earth, figures out that basically they're slaves, free range slaves, and that there's a lot going on that they didn't know about.

And then these data dumps that I've been talking about will occur that have just so many terabytes of information it will take people forever to go through, that's going to talk about all the crimes against humanity, all the different stuff going on with different ET groups, different secret Earth government syndicates, and different Secret Space Program groups.

David: All right. I'm David Wilcock. This is Cosmic Disclosure. And as always, we thank you for watching.

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