Cosmic Disclosure: The Earth Alliance

Season 4, Episode 10

admin    18 May 2016
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David Wilcock: All right. Welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock. We're here with Corey Goode, the insider's insider, and in this episode, I'm going to get into some very interesting stuff with him regarding the opposition to this Cabal, the Earth Alliance, the people who are on the front lines here on the ground trying to bring about a peaceful society or maybe not. So that's one of the things that we have to talk about.

Corey, welcome to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: When people start to get into this subject about things like 9/11 online, there is such a widespread, pervasive sense of paranoia, despair, fear and hatred of the Cabal. Is there an opposition going on to the Cabal that goes beyond bloggers?

Corey: Absolutely. Every single enemy they've created over the hundreds of years, every group they've alienated, every atrocity they've done to these countries over these hundreds of years, has finally built up to a point to where they all came together, loosely came together.

All of them have their own cultural pains, and I guess some of them have different agendas on the retribution they would like to see exacted on the enemy, which we're calling the Cabal. Others would like to just maybe have a few changes. They think a world government is inevitable anyway, and the Cabal was wanting to do it in an evil way, so why don't they co-opt it and do it the right way?

Despite many of these alliance groups having different agendas and ideas about what should happen to the Cabal once they overcome them, they've put aside a lot of differences, and they've come together for a common goal, which is to defeat the Cabal.

And this is the key of why the Cabal had been so successful. They are made up of many different syndicates of people with many different belief systems and agendas, but somehow they found a way to work together. The 0.01% of them have found a way to work together, even though a lot of them really don't like each other, to exact control over the Earth.

Well, the Alliance is following the same playbook, getting together with people they wouldn't normally work with, forming a loose alliance, and trying to, or actually are in the midst of, overthrowing the financial system that this Cabal has set up for the last 100 years and want to replace it.

David: So I think people that are investigating this have felt that the Cabal control central banking in every country. They have bribed or compromised all of the leaders in every country. The leaders are blackmailed, and therefore even people who are fairly compassionate and reasonable folks, there's a widespread belief that this Cabal has just penetrated every country, all aspects of society. So what do you say to those people when they hear about the idea of an alliance and they, “I just don't believe it?”

Corey: Well, there is an alliance, and it is true that this Cabal is a master at infiltration, and, indeed, they have infiltrated elements of the Earth Alliance. And, you know, this is a problem, but, like the BRICS Alliance . . .

David: You're talking Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa is the BRICS.

Corey: Right, they've gotten together, and they've created pretty much a new world bank and financial system to compete with the Western or Cabal banking system.

David: And you're talking about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, or AIIB.

Corey: Right. Over time, countries like China have been slowly purchasing the debt and also natural resources from countries owned by the Cabal as their financial Ponzi scheme has slowly, slowly started to collapse.

David: Now, we've heard that China is actually holding – the official numbers, I guess, are in the neighborhood of $2 to $3 trillion, but the unofficial numbers are $4 trillion of US bonds and US debt. That apparently is greatly superior to the wealth that's left in this Federal Reserve, Cabal-oriented, Western world.

Corey: Well, there's very little gold left here. There's a reason that all the big banks right now are buying silver like crazy and stockpiling it. There's very little gold left in any of the vaults that are supposed to have gold in them.

David: What about Fort Knox?

Corey: Same story. It's pretty well known that there is very little, if any, gold at Fort Knox.

David: Well, Germany asked for 3,000 metric tons of their gold back from the US, from the Federal Reserve.

Corey: Until we quietly told them we didn't have it.

David: And, yeah, the answer has been, “Oh, well, maybe in 100 years we'll be able to pay you back.” So is it a Ponzi scheme that at this point is just based on printing money out of thin air? Is there any real collateral left?

Corey: It's all zeroes and ones and computers at this point. How all these different bubbles have not collapsed already is beyond me.

David: Are you the only one that feels this way or do others in the Alliance feel this way as well? What have you heard?

Corey: Well, I've heard that with the latest negotiations, members of the Alliance are now wanting to come in and not allow the Western dollar and the Western financial system to totally collapse, but to get to the brink of collapse and then move in and buy it at a cut rate and annex it into their new financial system. And, you know, everybody's been hearing for years and years now the promises of debt forgiveness, jubilee, and money that will be given to people specified on their age, how many dependents they have, and that kind of a thing.

And people have heard that so much now they scoff at it, but this is something that is openly discussed in these meetings. So it is a part of the discussion and the negotiation.

The revaluation of all the currency that is being discussed is very controversial, and most of the people do not like it. The poorer countries like it because a lot of them want to value all currency the same. Now that would put the US and even China and other countries at a major disadvantage in trade, but that is one of the things. Or when they're talking about equaling the playing field, they're talking about changing the value of all currency to being the same.

And even inside the Earth Alliance, there are groups that do not like that plan at all, and they want a sliding scale based on GDP and a bunch of other numbers and information that – I'm not an economist – I really don't understand. I was having all this information thrown at me, and I don't understand the economic jargon, but the bottom line I was understanding.

David: Are you aware of the Alliance being in possession of surveillance footage that's very compromising of the Cabal?

Corey: Yes.

David: And what forms does that come in that you're aware of?

Corey: Every form. They've got everything from emails, texts, phone conversations, videos, audio recording. They've got satellite imagery of things that different people have ordered and real time ima . . . I mean, they've got everything.

David: So it's entirely possible that members of the US military could be hired to go through that footage and try to pick out the best of the best.

Corey: Yes, that would be quite a job. With all of the data mining they have done to accumulate all of that data, I can see why they would need the help. It's quite an undertaking to go through all of that.

David: Probably one of the most basic questions that people are going to be asking is, why in the heck is this whole thing so mysterious? Why can't the Alliance just say, “Hey. Here we are. We're going up against the Cabal. Here's our announcement. Here's what these guys are doing, and just start openly talking about it. Why are they having to keep everything so secret that people, even this late in the game, they are still doubting guys like you and me writing about this stuff online. Why won't they just come out and say what they're doing?

Corey: I would say they pretty much have been coming out and saying what they're doing. The question is, why isn't the Western media covering it?

David: Well, give me an example of how they're coming out and saying what they're doing.

Corey: Russian, alone, has been coming out with all kinds of information and openly threatening the US with releasing all different types of information that they have gathered, you know, including 9/11. They've threatened to bring forward proof that 9/11 was either an inside job or that the US knew it was going to happen and sat back and did nothing. There is quite a bit going on that the Western media is not reporting or they report in a tongue-in-cheek way.

David: Well, do you think that at this point, the Cabal still has such a control over world media? Since their television networks are worldwide, the movies go worldwide, do you think that they can both create propaganda very easily that defeats any Alliance initiative and that they can, furthermore, kill anyone who starts trying to speak out from the Alliance at this point?

Corey: They have a waning control. They used to have a complete control, but the Earth Alliance group . . . You're starting to see more and more interesting content pop up on television that normally the Cabal would not approve to be on television, you know, different movies. I mean, the list would go on and on. So, yes, they did at one time have full control of this media, but obviously that control is slipping. Their control over everything is slipping, so we're going to see more and more of this information coming out.

Now the big thing that has been going on in the secret negotiations between the Earth Alliance and various Cabal groups is how to release information, and they're pretty much in agreement to release information in a slow manner. The main reason they want to release information in a slow manner is that a lot of the data that has been accumulated, that we were just talking about, is damaging to both sides because both sides have done criminal things in the past. And there are no clean hands in these negotiations.

David: You told me in private conversation that Gonzales has said to you that in the future this struggle that we're in between the Cabal and the Alliance right now will be seen as World War III.

Corey: A stealth World War III.

David: A stealth World War III.

Corey: Yes.

David: So how do you get a world war without any open obvious invasions or major military conflicts going on?

Corey: Everything's being fought through digital means, through hacking, cyberwarfare. It's being fought through proxy armies such as the Cabal using organizations they created, like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and through a financial war that's going on. It's something that could very easily spike into an open, hot conflict in certain areas, but this has been an ongoing, stealth world war for a period now.

Gonzales basically said history will look back on this time as a different type of world war, and this will be a stealth World War III.

David: What about the idea of natural disasters and weather being involved in this war? Are there technologies that you're aware of where weather can be manipulated as part of fighting this war?

Corey: Both sides have weather modification, and it was heavily being used in open warfare against each other. That's slowed down some. They're still using it, but it's slowed down during the negotiations.

David: What would that look like? What would we see in the news that would be an example of this war being fought?

Corey: Well, with the weather modification wars, you change air streams that pull the moisture out of your area, dries up the breadbasket of your region that grows all of your food. You know, that type of thing . . . or inundates you with hurricanes or heavy rain, which can then lead to other natural disasters that cause you to declare a national emergency and put all your assets and focus on that problem.

David: Well, one of my favorite ones was when the South American Alliance first convened, they declared that Chile was going to be where their headquarters would be, and on the day that Chile was supposed to start their role as the headquarters of the South American Alliance . . . It was never recorded in the Western media. The day that Chile starts as the headquarters, they have this massive, massive earthquake.

So are you aware of earthquake-making technology as well? Could these earthquakes be part of it?

Corey: It's the same technology, yeah.

David: Yeah. So you're saying both sides use this against each other?

Corey: Absolutely. And that's not the extent of it. US Navy, many years ago, discovered super volcanoes that are below the ocean, and those have been kept secret for some reason.

David: Similar to what we hear about with the whole Yellowstone caldera?

Corey: Exactly, and apparently they have placed some sort of charge or energetic device that could cause it to erupt. There are three of them that I saw documentation on, and that is one of the threats that the Cabal is making. You know, they're acting like a child. If we don't get our way, we're going to break all the toys and leave.

And so there are still a lot of really tricky negotiations going on down here, and these are going on right now. They've been going on for months and months, and they're working on a consensus of what they're going to release data-wise. And at this point, they agree that a partial disclosure is where we should go and that humanity should be slowly acclimated to the greater reality of our true existence and receive a slower roll out of some of these advanced technologies.

David: Is there a plan for a large number of people to be arrested at once? Does it have to be that way in order to prevent them from escaping? How do you think this whole thing is going to play out?

Corey: Well, right now, I don't know. There are going to be arrests and prosecutions, but the extent of which depends on these current negotiations. They are obviously going to go after the people they hate the worst in the Cabal. We use the analogy, how are they going to just let part of the genie out of the bottle? And I think they're trying to figure that out right now. They're not going to let these groups that have raped and murdered the planet get off scot-free, but elements within the Earth Alliance also do not want to have people hanging from lamp posts from the street.

There are a lot of groups. There are a lot of different ideas among the groups in this Earth Alliance, and for them to reach a consensus is going to be difficult. And then for them to negotiate with members of the Secret Earth Government Syndicate that are coming to the table to negotiate because they want out too. They're ready for it to be over too. They have quite a distance to bridge before they get to where they want to be. And that's going to give us in the community time we need to get a grassroots effort going to demand Full Disclosure and the full truth.

David: Do you think that the controlled media could be given new marching instructions once this takes place? What will media look like in the aftermath of some kind of . . . if the mass arrest thing happens, as an example?

Corey: There will be a bunch of people that are just as shocked as us sitting in front of microphones. They do not know the extent. When they find out, I don't know if they're going to be able to speak on air, but, yes, eventually when the truth embargo is lifted and if the media is going to be the delivery mechanism, I can imagine they're going to have quite a different demeanor when they're given the news. Otherwise, it might just be the televisions. All stations might be taken over for a while, and the population be given a massive re-education about our true past.

David: Now some people who watch this show and are into this might be aware that laws have been openly passed in the US. They did it during Christmas while everybody was having dinner and happily with their families. It's openly now a law that the US government can seize all of your assets in the bank in the event of having a financial crisis.

Corey: Right. All deposits legally before that already were legally owned by the bank. When you take your money and deposit it at the bank, it is legally owned by the bank. That was before that even. When I worked at the Federal Reserve, that was explained to me, and that was in 2008.

David: But when you go into the bank, every bank usually has a little FDIC logo somewhere, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And it used to be $100,000. Now it's up to $250,000. It says right on there, your deposits up to $100,000, or whatever it is, are backed by the good faith and credit of the United States government. Ha, ha.

Corey: Ha, ha. I didn't know we had that.

David: Yeah, so if the US government faction of the Cabal gets in trouble, are they going to actually try to do that? Are they going to try to take people's money out of the bank? Could there be a period of time where no one can access their money or their bank accounts have been basically deleted?

Corey: That's been their plan all along. Whether that actually occurs or not, I am not positive at this point. A lot of what I thought was going to happen is up in the air right now because of the current negotiations.

David: Let's just say, if people are watching this show, something like this ends up happening, that could cause a very great outrage, obviously. If an event like that takes place, does that mean that people's money is lost forever? Or does the Alliance have contingencies in place in case the Cabal temporarily tries to say, “Oh, you don't actually have money in the bank. It's all ours.”?

Corey: Depending on the plan, some people would lose what they had, and some people would gain something that they didn't have. Like, maybe if they rented a home for 10 years that belonged to a person that was a real estate investor that had 50 homes, that home might be deeded to the person that had been renting it or a property. These are all the types of things that they are negotiating and discussing. It's incredible.

I mean, it's all up in the air, and every contingency they have a plan for, but how things play out are yet to be seen.

David: They Alliance is not as shaky as some people might like to believe, correct? I mean, if we have a significant part of the US military and intelligence apparatus involved in this, this is a very significant operation we're talking about.

Corey: It's a significant operation with a large coalition of loosely-knit groups, some of which are syndicates, secret societies from the East. Some of them are groups that the news here will tell you are foreign criminal organizations. So it's a very complex topic. The organizations are loose-knit, and not all of them have the same, I guess, values or agendas. And you can see how much of a mess it is in the midst of these negotiations right now.

David: Are we now talking about a majority of the world that is the Alliance compared to the Cabal? How much of the world do you think the Cabal still has some control over?

Corey: The majority of the world is not controlled by the Cabal any longer, but the Earth Alliance, quite a number of the groups have been infiltrated by this Cabal group. So there also is a very tricky question.

David: Do you think that 9/11 truth is going to be an element of what happens as the Alliance makes its move, one way or the other?

Corey: I do. I do.

David: What do you think people are going to hear? If you want to make a prophecy at this point, put it on camera before this has actually happened, what are some of the things that people might be told once this all unrolls?

Corey: Well, like I said, I have no inside knowledge of 9/11, but I think they will be told the details behind 9/11, the truth of who planned it, who executed it, and who knew the details of the operation after it was executed. And that would be shared, and the obvious outrage among the people would want us to be tracking these individuals down and hanging them from lamp posts.

David: Since we only have a couple minutes left now, someone watching this might feel like they want to help this process come about. We've had, for example, militia groups saying, just tell us what to do when the time comes. We'll go where we need to go, which obviously is kind of a violent thing that we don't want to be involved in. Should people be grabbing guns and trying to go shoot people? I mean, what can they do? What should be done? What shouldn't be done?

Corey: They've tried to foment racial tension.

David: They – the Cabal?

Corey: The Cabal. They've tried to foment racial tension. They've tried to foment tension between patriot groups and the government. They want that to happen so they can declare martial law.

David: Right.

Corey: Don't play into their hands. You cannot get, as I say, a positive from a negative. As we've stated over and over, it's going to take all of us coming together and forming a grassroots movement, having uncomfortable conversations with people that will look at us like we're crazy, and begin to educate people now.

David: All right. Well, you heard it here. I'm very much looking forward to this coming out in the open. I'm sure you are, too. This is “Cosmic Disclosure”. I'm your host, David Wilcock, and I think you for watching.

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