Does Remote Viewing Data Reveal That We Are Apart of a Solitary, Binary or Trinary Star System? Does Similar Data Point to An "Astronomical Event" and An "Ascension Energy Shift"?


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Does Remote Viewing Data Reveal That We Are Apart of a Solitary, Binary or Trinary Star System? Does Similar Data Point to An "Astronomical Event" and An "Ascension Energy Shift"?
1989 Remote Viewing "Target" and "Session Summary" of a "Red Star" along with Additional Data Provided Directly Below (Red & Blue Star in addition to our “Yellow Star System”). 
A "Second Remote Viewing Session" Notes and Additional Follow Up "Dream Data" Performed Much More Recently, Refers To An “Astronomical Event” and “Ascension Energetic or Density Change” to our local Space Time.
This (And ALL) RV Data is completely subjective and should be read and looked at this way. These are a few of several RV Sessions that are added to my "Journals".
First Remote Viewing Session performed while working "On Project" June, 11th 1989. (CRV Blind Target).

Red Star/Blue Star/Solar System RV Info

Below is an RV Summary Transcription from hand written notes. Some of them were also of me asking (Speculating to myself) if colors Red and Blue had to do with "Red Shift" or "Blue Shift" as in the direction of star travel (According to current main stream Astronomy Models). By looking at some of the notes in the margins and corners of the pages I was not able to decipher what I was thinking at the time, lots of those notes had incomplete sentences and thoughts that I cannot correlate with what I was trying to communicate at that time. Many of those "Side Notes" didn't make it into the below "Summary" either because they were unreadable or were incomplete sentences and I didn't know exactly what they meant. I didn't want to speculate.

Most of the originals were kept by the group. These were carried out by myself after an oversight when I was asked to go over the drawing/sketch and problems with the legibility of my hand writing because it was so bad it couldn’t be read by the lady that typed it up (Transcription). They received (And Kept) the originals for the most part. I don’t really remember much about the (Original) session now, such as where it was done or the time of day etc.. (It was in 1989 and I was tasked with "Other Targets” in that time frame). 

I didn’t remember the RV of the Red or the Blue Star until reading it (It had been many years and I did quite a few very similar sessions) in the note's when I found them on a faded piece of notebook paper in an old folder (Then the “Imagery” of this session came back to me very vividly.). The date on this piece of paper was June 11th 1989. I am not sure if that is the date of a debrief or of the actual RV Session.Transcribed from my handwritten note, minus some bullet points that were unreadable because of my bad hand writing during the session.

Begin Session, Open Envelop and see "Alpha Numeric" Target Code: - Moving out to coordinate. Target acquired. - Spiral 2 arm galaxy? Feel hair on body stand. Electricity? (Magnetic Field?). (Bolts of) Lightening in the 2 spiral arms? Red like rust. Red light emitting. (Crunchy metallic taste in mouth...?)  - Moving closer feels like heading into centre of Whirlpool. Strong! “Spiral” Arms magnetically attracted to other “bodies” near by. One “spiral arm” is North Pole the other “spiral arm” is South pole?? - Not a “Galaxy” but “spiral arms” look like “twisted” (Cork Screw), “Comet Tails” Red in color. "Star (SMALL) in middle cannot see it surrounded by cloud of debris, chunks of “Metal Rocks”, HUGE! Some (Of the Huge Rocky Bodies) are smashing into each other some are “Magnetized” and keeping a polarity and distance (Strange "Equidistant") from each other. "Other Spherical and larger Bodies" in "Orbits", 5? 7? Objects?- Moving into debris to see "Centre Object". Centre of debris is "Perfect"circle/sphere around “Red Star”. Very small but Much Torsion(Torsion was the word used in session back in 1989). “Fractured Space” (Portals?), “Torn”, “Cracked”. “Fractured Reality” (Beginning to feel/taste/smell “Obtain” other sensory data). (I am) “Nauseated”, “Confused”. “Feel Sick” and “Upset”. Depending on “Perspective”, “Everything is True” and “Nothing is True”. “Strange Energycoming from “Fractures in Space”!(Portals?), “Feel Very Ill”! (MUST LEAVE!), Allowing myself to move away (Not inspecting “Other Bodies”). Now in “spiral arm”. Moving away from “centre” Very Fast and Being “Expelled”.(I should have observed the "Other Bodies" in "Orbit" of this "Red Star Anomaly".)- Moving “Opposite Sol Plane” of our planets at extremely high speed! I find my self moving towards “Oort Cloud”, Then “Passing Through” the “Oort and Sol Barrier” into “Open Space”. Feeling Very “Anxious” want to go back to point of reference. Need to see this (Feel “Led” to continue). Feel “Buffering” of a "Strong Wind". Feel like I am in a "Taffy Machine" but I can handle it. - Still moving away (At a very high rate of speed). I can See “Sol”, I can see the “Red Star” (With out spiral arms) now and see a couple of "Star Trails”. See another "Star", A “Blue Star”. Very Big (Giant), Sol and Red Star “Trails” “Move around this blue Star like “They” are chasing it across the Galaxy” and “Red Star chasing Sol and the Blue Star in Eccentric Orbit”. - Red Star has very “Weird Orbit of both the Blue Star and the Yellow Star/Sol”. (I am) Moving toward Blue Star (Very Big, Giant), “Strange Vibration” (Very “Alien Environment”), “Very Large Gas Giants” (Planets as big or bigger than our Sun?). “As Large as Sol?” “Maybe”, “Seem so”. They “Look like Neptune and Venus with many Moons”. (Very “Orderly” Planetary System, Perfect Planetary “Axis” and “Balance” or “Orbits/Rotations”).- (I/Myself) “Feel I Do Not Belong Here” and Should Not "Trespass". “My Energy is Not Compatible”. Moving to point of reference.- (I) See “Sol” getting closer. Wow, (I can) see Sol and the “Oort cloud” with a “Tail”, (IT/SOL) Looks like “Giant Comet” (As I move closer) close up. Entering Sol system. (I) Feel there is Lots of Activity” (Non-Human) in “Outer Sol”. - Stopping“Close to Point of Reference” But “Not Right Time” (Not “MY TIME” Frame). (I SEE) A “Comet”, Huge Comet Entering One “SPIRAL ARM” of the "RED STAR" CLEARING SOME AREA (OF IT) OUT. “Sol SEEMS ANGRY”. “CHANGES COLOR”, “SHIFTS ORANGE” (Sun is extremely active, Something “Energetic” has occurred causing it to “Shift” from “Yellow” to “Orange”). - EARTH (Is Now Completely) COVERED IN CLOUDS and STORMS. “STORMS IN SPACE” (Energetic), “ELECTRICITY” (Electric Discharges), Meteors “LARGE AND SMALL”. “Sol is GOBBLING UP LOTS OF METEORS (& Comets/Debris), Earth HAS TAKEN SOME DAMAGE ON LAND AND SEA. (Did not move into Earth's Atmosphere to “View”, I was confused, was on my was to point of reference.)- RED STAR MOVES VERY SLOWLY WHEN CLOSE TO sol AND MORE RAPIDLY WHEN FURTHER AWAY AND HEADED TO AND FROM blue star? (Seems to be some strange dynamics at play). “Blue STAR WAS PRISTINE”, ORGANIZED, VERY POLAR ORIENTED. Not LIKE sol SYSTEM (Total mess and hectic).Moving TO POINT OF REFERENCE. End Session.

"Astronomical and Energetic Event" RV & Dream Info: [10/5/13]

- In my Post RV "Dream/Vision" (Was not in "Sleep State") I saw a post (Astronomical) "Event" population of people "Confused", "Angry", and "At Their Worst", Fighting for "Resources"... 
- 33 weeks later the "Elite" emerged (CABAL/Blood Line Groups)
- They looked "Strange"... "Emitting a Weird Energy" that "Sustained Them" to (Allow Them To) "Lord Over the Survivors" and to "Clean the Air and the Waters" and to Feed Everyone" (Dark & Ancient "Technology"). Appearing as "god's".
- There were 7 angels in the "vision" Each was "One Color of the Rainbow" (R.O.Y.G.B.I.V.)... 
- Each had "Its" head bowed and then lifted "Its" head and pointed to the earth to show "Another Event" then looked to the "Next Angel" and it ended after the 4th Angel or "Being of Color".
The last 3 stayed in a prayer position when I was pulled out of my session by my son beating on the door yelling for me. 
- So I called for the target at night (In a RV State) and was brought back to it where I saw ALL of the "Beings of Colors" above the Earth
- There were various "ET Races" around the Earth, (I) then floated inside some of their "Ships" as if I was passing through their "Hulls" and (I) saw them observing certain things (All over Earth, Below Earth And Off Earth on Huge Curved Monitors.) and (Some were) watching the "Elite" underground. 
- It ended with a (Very Sudden and "All Penetrating" Bright) "Flash" then (A moment later) Flash flash, flash flash flash! 
- It was coming from either the "Sun or the Galactic Sun/Centre" (Or Both at the same time?) and "Changed Everything on Earth (On a fundamental level)... 
- Then the "5th Angel" lifted its head and pointed down to Earth which its "Clouds Now Looked Like Rainbows"!
- Then "Everyone On Earth" began "Singing" and "Crying" (Holding Hands and Smiling at Each Other) with "Love" and "Peace" in their hearts.
- Then the "6th Angel" lifted its head and pointed down to Earth and the "Elite" (Illuminati/CABAL) "Fell Off Of The Earth" and Just Were No Longer There? Or they "Phased Out"? 
I don't Know, I couldn't make out exactly what happened to them, but it was so weird, I woke up crying. 

End Session  [10/7/13]

This RV Data above and the RV and Real Life Briefing Summary Below is "Incomplete"! 

Coming Soon will be the "Further Data" (Some "SEEN" in the "Sketch" or "Image" Above) of "Russian and Chinese Nuclear Submarines" along Atlantic and Pacific Coastlines and Gulf of Mexico, "Disguised Steamer Ships" that are "Spy Ships" in and around the Caribbean Sea. They are Observing, Watching...

Directional Drilling to cause "Sea Water" to flood subterranean chambers all along the "New Madrid Fault" by "The CABAL" to set off Major "Earth Quakes" (Will be blamed on "Fraking"), "Directional Drilling" to cause "Spring Water" into "Lava Chambers" in the "Yellow Stone Super Volcano" along with strategic placement of "Mini Nukes" in parts of Yellow Stone and the "San Andreas Fault" timed to "Go Off" causing massive Earth Quakes, "Super" Volcanic Eruptions and Tsunami's in N. America and E. Asia along with "Synchronized" plans to collapse the EU. 

This (Grand Deception and Distraction) is already "Prepared and Ready" to "Execute" upon any "Signs" that orders have been given for the "Arrest or Overthrow" of CABAL Syndicate Regimes or a "FINAL Kill ORDER" of their (Babylonian Money Magic Slave System) Financial "Debt Slave System" and Control Mechanism. The "CABAL's HYDRA GROUPS" have "Off World Support" as do the "White Hat Groups" inside the "Secret Space Programs" currently involved in a "Stealth Civil War" and an "Overt War" over the Global Financial System by the BRICS Alliance and the "Fragmented CABAL and Bloodline Secret Society Groups of the West.

This group that we call the "CABAL" BELIEVES that if THEY make the grand "Blood Sacrifice" of the Earth's Population and Their Selves and Their Own Families" that they will force the hand of their "OFF WORLD GODS" who will "Rush in and smite their enemies and bring in a THOUSAND YEARS of Their GODS and Their REIGN'S"... This is the mentality of a majority of these groups we are up against.

A FULL RV, Multi-Global Secret Government Assessments and Multi-Secret Space Program Report (Each Organization Allied with a "Different "Off World Group" who have "Different and Competing Agenda's") has been written up as well the delivery of this information from a Person with over 37 YEARS of REAL HANDS ON Experience in both conflicts and dealings with ALL "Off World Groups" via Delegation Support in "Federation Groups" (Similar to the "Earthly" UN Diplomatic Agency (Complete with all of its Competing Agenda's and Complete Mistrust of One Another).

And as I ALWAYS SAY... PLEASE, Always run everything that anyone says through your own discernment filter. Do not blindly succumb to "Hero Worship" of researchers or Guru's no matter who they are or where they come from. This is your path, your walk... step wisely and use your filter and listen to that little voice inside... Your Higher Self will guide you! (IMHO)

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