The Upcoming Offworld Conferences

As I stated prior, I was informed that I would be brought up to what I am told will be 3 conferences in the first week (or 10 days) of June.

Corey Goode    01 Jun 2015
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Hello Everyone,

As I stated prior, I was informed that I would be brought up to what I am told will be 3 conferences in the first week (or 10 days) of June. There have been recent developments within the SSP Alliance as well as another major UN Like “Super Federation Conference” of aligned human-like ET’s. This is as much information as I have been given so far other than one of them will be with another of the opposition groups of the SSP Alliance (not the Draco Alliance leadership this time however). I am told the time and logistics are being negotiated for this meeting where I will be a delegate from the Sphere Alliance and the SSP Alliance Council has insisted on their own high ranking representative to be present along with the support team. If I receive any details that can be shared I will do so. Otherwise I will share what I can of these conferences after being debriefed. It was not pleasant sharing some of the more disturbing details in my recent article with Dr. Salla that will be a part of “Full Disclosure”.

Since sharing this information I have had very disturbing flashback memories and dreams that are directly related to the information. I was told that chatter was intercepted and that opposition groups have discussed that that we have gone too far in releasing information that no one was ever supposed to find out about. If anyone were to attempt to release a book or movie with this information in them they would have been quashed by "the powers that be". Since you cannot put the genie back in the bottle it appears that some of these groups will attempt to go the rout of discrediting the information and causing drama between “truthers” as much as possible. I think the release of some of this recent information will make for an interesting meeting with them in the next week or so. There is more information coming in from the “Earth Alliance” that will we will be briefed on about the financial, political, military operations going on as well as further intelligence on what is occurring below the surface of the planet with recent skirmishes and uses of earthquake/weather-modification weapons to mention a few topics.

Once fully debriefed I hope to have some new information that I am cleared to release to the public. With things moving so rapidly right now I have been asked to stay available and prepared to disclose further information when the timing is right. The disinformation war is ramping up even more in June it appears as these negative groups have many leaks to plug and a lot of disclosed information to cover up and discredit (from multiple sources). Now is a time for extreme discernment and not to be drawn in by false prophets, false “Christ’s” (Several are being reported, a few being deceptive ET’s/Blue Skinned and Ancient Breakaway Humans), or self-appointed or mislead “Guru’s”. We need to remember we have the power within to free ourselves and the answers to spreading our wings and taking flight on these waves of changing energy/vibration is focusing on raising our own consciousness/vibrations and becoming more loving/STO’s and forgiving (stopping the wheel of karma). I will begin to pick up the pace on answering the questions that have built up in the Q&A “FAQs” section of this website.

June 5th Update.

There seems to be some confusion among a few individuals about the "3 Off World Meetings Over The First 10 Days Of June" announcement. I made an announcement on Facebook and on my Website that was also picked up on Stillness in the Storm in the article. To be clear, It was never stated that I was going to be off planet the entire first 10 days of June. I have meetings all the time with the SSP Alliance and with the Sphere Beings where I am picked up and dropped back off at my home. Some of the meetings I have stayed over night at off world locations and been returned to my home around 5 minutes after I was picked up.

Time is of no consequence to these 6th density beings and even the SSP has time dilation technology. Those who have been following the reports of my conferences closely understand this from the details of those reports. Those who have not have some confusion on the matter. I was picked up at a little before 4 AM this morning and attended our joint SSP/Sphere Alliance Conference and was then delivered back home at just after 4 AM. I have two more meetings over the next 5 days with a possible other meeting I was informed about with another opposition group (none of which are with "Draco's" which is being reported by another site.). I know some of these technologies and concepts are still hard for some people to bend their minds around pre-"Full Disclosure". This type of information and technology will one day be common knowledge.

Thank you,


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