Quite a lot has occurred in the last 12 hours

I was involved in another "SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conference" (Series of them actually) last night/early this morning.

Corey Goode    05 Apr 2015



Quite a lot has occurred in the last 12 hours.

I was involved in another "SSP Alliance/Sphere Alliance Conference" (Series of them actually) last night/early this morning.

I will be briefing DW on these meetings as well as writing them up (Minus Classified Information) to be posted on my Web Site. (Did not take place at the "LOC" this time. The LOC was in use by "The Opposition Alliance" for a series of (4 Day Meetings/Conferences). As stated the "LOC" is a "Neutral Facility" as is Most of the Moon. There is quite a lot of "Diplomatic Territory" up there. There is quite a lot action going on withing the "SSP Alliance" (Mostly "Internal Issues" that they want to deal with on their own) and I am hearing that the "Opposition" is having quite a lot of "Issues" of their own... Things are falling apart around them. I also got some more details on "The Two Atrocities, 1: Mars, 2: Off the Carolinas (In an undersea base). There were quite disturbing and I am keeping them quiet for now. I shared what I could over Skype with DW (Skype is very NON Secure). There is quite a lot going on and things are picking up a quite a pace... It seems that both sides are having some issues holding certain aspects of their groups together (Especially those who want revenge and are NOT AT ALL enthused about the Blue Avian "Hippy Love and Peace Message"!)...

David Wilcock released a new Article on Divinecosmos.com which some have already pointed out (To answer a question he mentions the Video Interviews he is Editing in the last paragraph of the Article).

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I received an email with questions for a "Follow Up Article" from the Esteemed Dr. Salla which I am working on to send back to him. (Sent Answers back to him and he stated he is working on getting an article out ASAP.). TY Michael Salla!

I have also needed to provide some "Content" to a "Wonderful Service to Others" person who on their own designed a Web Page for me (that you see before you) with no requests of anything in return.  This is an example of how STO should and is working around us already. Without mentioning names "Thank You For ALL of the Hard Work!)

I have a Tweet Account and will be adding a Facebook Account/Link Soon... Yea, FaceBook, Ick).

Aside from cleaning up some of my "Infamous Typo's" the site is published and will now be my main site that I present to those who Interview me or do Articles on the Sphere Being "Message".

Twitter: @BlueAvians

Thank you,

Corey (And apparently still "Luke" aka GoodETxSG")


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