Buzzsaw with Sean Stone: Collective Consciousness and the Mandela Effect with Corey Goode

Season 1, Episode 10

admin    09 Jan 2017


Sean Stone: Are we living in a world of the Mandela effect with Mars and Disclosure on the horizon? Let's enter the Buzzsaw.

Welcome to “Buzzsaw”, where we cut through the mainstream narrative to explore the hidden truths. I'm your host Sean Stone. And joining me today is Corey Goode, an insider and whistleblower to the Secret Space Program.

He currently works in counter-electronic surveillance and claims to have a direct physical contact with the Sphere-Being Alliance to deliver important messages to humanity.

Today, we are getting his perspective on a host of fresh topics, beginning with Mars.

1 Sean Stone

We've heard quite a bit about Mars in recent months, I would say, including Elon Musk's desire to send people on a one-way ticket to Mars, which is sort of bizarre, frankly. But does this reveal some type of secret government agenda do you think?

Corey Goode: Absolutely. They're sort of acclimating the public for information about what is really going on on Mars. And if you remember, I believe President Obama made an announcement about Mars as well very recently.

2 Corey Goode

So it's like they're trying to . . . Mars is always being kept in our consciousness somehow from these different movies that they make about visiting Mars or them constantly talking about it.

Sean: Mm-hm. Well, certainly, you say movies that are being made about Mars, and I think “Martian”, obviously, a very prominent film from the past year that was very successful.

3 The Martian

Do you think, based on your experience and knowledge, that this is an accurate representation of what Mars looks like as far as the surface life?

Corey: It's fairly accurate. It is a desolate desert planet, but there is a little bit more of an atmosphere than they depict in the movies. You're going to get purples and pinks, hues in the sky, during sunrise and sunset. And it's a little bit of a pale blue sky.

Sean: So you're saying that they're trying to keep, the elite, are trying to keep Mars in our consciousness. Now, is that because it's the God of War? And does this have to do with more mythic symbology, or is there something else as far as the agenda with Mars?

Corey: Well, a lot of the elite somehow trace their lineage back to a group that came here from Mars. So that's what makes them elite is their blood tie-in to Mars. And they want to go back. They want to re-terra . . . terraform Mars and make it similar to Earth as close as they can get and begin to move a lot of the, I guess, 'dark' – people we would consider 'darker' – to Mars – people of darker agendas.

Sean: So when you say the elite come from Mars, are we talking about a particular race or a particular branch of the elite?

Corey: Yes, it would be a branch of the elite. A lot of them that trace their lineage back through kings and queens and other royal bloodlines, they believe that they have all these bloodlines traced back to a group that came here from Mars about 55,000 to 60,000 years ago and began to install this current control system that we're living under now.

Sean: So these are the so-called Fallen Ones from the Watchers in the Bible, for example.

4 Fallen Ones

Corey: Exactly.

Sean: Well, there is indications that we've seen, for example, people like Richard Hoagland talking about the face on Mars, some indications of a nuclear explosion, nuclear devastation of Mars. So does that mean that the elite were driven here because of nuclear war on that planet?

Corey: Yes. The story goes that there was some sort of a civil war or an uprising between that planet and another planet in our solar system. And these groups pretty much destroyed each other.

That's how the atmosphere was destroyed on Mars was from these nuclear explosions. And then the people that were on Mars had to leave Mars, and the best place for them to go was, of course, Earth.

Sean: So we're talking about different branches of the elite. Are they still at civil war with each other?

Corey: They've made a lot of treaties over the millennia, but they still have oppositional agendas.

Sean: We seem to have aliens from all types of star systems, though, beyond Mars, right?

Corey: Oh, yes, yes.

Sean: So how do they factor into it? I mean, what is the hierarchy? And what's the galactic hierarchy between . . .

Corey: Sure.

Sean: . . . sort of between the Martian aliens and then basically elites who come from different other star systems?

Corey: Sure. Well, the elite are working closely with other non-terrestrials that have a similar agenda as theirs. And we do have many, many other non-terrestrials that are coming into our solar system.

We happen to be in an area in our local star cluster that has pretty much something similar to a super gate that is a portal system that allows them to portal from two other galaxies and all over our galaxy.

5 Super Gate Portal

So we're in a very important location.

Sean: And what is their agenda with Earth? Are they simply here to basically mine the resources and the genetic DNA of humans and then exploit it and move on?

Corey: This particular group, their agenda is to control the planet and then get it to a point to where they can reduce the population and bring in other non-terrestrials.

Sean: But you're saying 'this particular group'. You're talking about the Martian?

Corey: Right.

Sean: The Martian group.

Corey: Right. There are many different groups that we would call 'Cabal' or 'elite', but they're not necessarily working together or have the same agendas.

Sean: Right. Right. So give us an example of basically what other alien beings we're talking about beyond the Martian-derived elite.

Corey: Sure. A lot of people are . . . You hear a lot of people talk about the Nordic race. And that's sort of becoming an umbrella term because there are many different types of Nordics. There are malevolent and benevolent ones.

And our government has been working with one of these races for quite some time. And they do not have the same agenda as the elite, but apparently, they are somehow working with the elite with some sort of shared agenda.

Sean: Mm-hm. So that's just the Nordic. And then what other . . . which ones are we talking about?

Corey: Well, of course, we have the Draco – the Draco Alliance. That is made up of not only the Draco and these insectoid-type beings, but they have what we call conquered races that serve with them.

And one of these Nordic races, they're a real tall, about 8-foot tall, very stout-looking race that has blonde hair, and they have six fingers.

6 Nordic Girl

And the information is that they're fighting alongside and working alongside the Draco because their planet was conquered long ago.

Sean: So the Draco work with the Mars elite? The Martians?

Corey: They do.

Sean: Have humans at this point either been colonized to other planets or dispatched to other planets? Or could we find humans on other worlds at this point?

Corey: Yes, absolutely. A lot of these non-terrestrials that we're coming in contact with are our cosmic cousins. There's a very small percentage of the difference in their genetic makeup than ours. They are literally our cousins.

Sean: Mm-hm.

Corey: So when we probably first start meeting non-terrestrials, we'll probably be looking at people that look very much like us.

Sean: Going back to that question about what the agenda was, the strip-mining the planet, essentially, right, using . . . utilizing as much human DNA as possible and strip-mining the resources, is the idea to basically destroy Earth and then create a breakaway civilization elsewhere for the elite to move on to?

Corey: Mainly, what I've been . . . from the information I've received, they are trying to change, slowly terraform the planet and lower the human population so that they can give other non-terrestrial groups . . . Like one group has been promised Africa. Another group has been promised another continent.

And then human beings would be subservient to them if that agenda was to be pushed through.

Sean: Mm-hm. And so in the process, would humans basically simply be depopulated, or would we be moved off world to places like Mars, for example?

Corey: Both. And a disturbing, even more disturbing, aspect to this story is that there is a galactic slave trade. Human beings are - human beings from other planets, as well – are very coveted on other planets strangely enough because we have a very keen ability to engineer things, build things.

A lot of humans are brought into this intergalactic slave trade for other purposes that are even darker than that as well.

Sean: Like what?

Corey: They are used as food, unfortunately, as sex slaves, as . . . Just like when we receive . . .We would . . . A lot of times the Cabal will trade humans for technology or other biologicals from other solar systems. So they will, of course, dissect and study.

Sean: So obviously, human DNA is highly prized and very valuable for some reason. What is it about human DNA?

Corey: Well, human DNA . . . We've had these what they call “genetic farmer races” coming into our solar system for so long and tinkering with us.

They've been bringing genome from all across the galaxy and splicing it with us. And because of doing this, our genetics, when they try to splice it with another genome, our genetics almost reach out and to grab them and integrate the new genome.

So we've been genetically, I guess, enhanced, but also, our genetics are very easy to manipulate.

Sean: Mm-hm. So on one hand, we're easy to manipulate and control. On the other hand, we do think that there is some level of consciousness shift taking place, no?

What is the evidence of that, that maybe that [the] Cabal's plan to cut the planet up to share between the various alien races won't succeed and that actually that humans will attain to a new enlightenment?

Corey: Yes, for a number of years, we've been hearing little secret comments from government officials that are saying, you know, “We're losing this war of control of information”.

The Internet, shows like this, have been spreading the information everywhere, and people are talking about it now.

There's some sort of great awakening that's happening among our people, and the elite can't stop it. They can't slow it down. All they can do is control the news and ignore it.

Sean: Perhaps this is part of that overall shift in consciousness, but there has been this discussion of a timeline split . . .

Corey: Yes.

Sean: . . . that's been occurring. Many people have come up with this concept of the Mandela Effect to explain why mass consciousness misremembers things, that whether or not the actual literature or pop culture phrases changed or not, we seem to remember things differently.

Corey: Right.

Sean: And so does that indicate a split in the timeline? Or is it constantly occurring that we have such timeline splits?

Corey: Well, what's occurring is more of a timeline collapsing, then emerging, than it is splitting. A lot . . . What I've been told is that there have been a lot of events – huge events – that have self-corrected or disappeared from our timeline because of the changes that are happening.

And you know, it makes me wonder if this Mandela Effect is occurring on such a cosmic level, who knows, maybe one day, all of a sudden, we will just be in a Disclosure World – post-Disclosure World – and don't have any memory of going through the process of Disclosure.

Sean: So let's discuss Disclosure. This new film, “The Arrival”, asks the question, “Why are the aliens here?” And we've seen this question of the alien invasion going back to the days of H.G. Wells, right?

7 Arrival

Sometimes the alien invasion is destructive. Sometimes it's positive to help us and transform us – childhood zen, for example.

Corey: Yeah.

Sean: The shift in consciousness. What do you think the actual agenda would be in the case of Disclosure and the ET presence being revealed? Would that basically bring about a very destructive end of mankind – a sort of “end of times”? Or is that actually the beginning of a new, better reality?

Corey: Well, all of these, I guess, secret Earth syndicates that control everything – and now we have this Earth Alliance made of, like, the BRICS alliance and other groups – they are right now negotiating.

They know that they've got to do some sort of a Disclosure, but they're negotiating what type of Disclosure they want. And they want a protracted Partial Disclosure that lasts over 50~100 years.

They're not real keen on all of the crimes against humanity that they committed to keep this all a secret being revealed. So they want a slow roll out.

If we did have a Full Disclosure event, then, yes, it's going to be very . . . It's not going to be one of those times where everyone's going to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”. It's going to be a very disturbing time.

Sean: So you've described a lot of the alien hierarchy that obviously looks at Earth basically for advantage and for gain. But is there a counter-balancing force? Are there benevolent ETs, shall we call them, that are working to try to help humanity . . .

Corey: Yes.

Sean: . . . and help humanity progress on the level of consciousness, for example?

Corey: Yes. And the more benevolent non-terrestrials that are here to help us . . . The galaxy is like a giant bureaucracy. They've got all these rules and laws that they stick by, similar to the nonintervention kind of thing that you see in “Star Trek”.

Sean: Mm-hm.

Corey: So a lot of these positive groups are contacting us through our dreams and telepathically, not wanting to make face-to-face contact. They're not supposed to make face-to-face contact.

And they're not here to rescue us or save us. They're here to help level the playing field so we can save ourselves and clean up this mess that we've created.

Sean: So for those who don't know about your relationship to Sphere-Being Alliance, is that group essentially doing such techniques for Disclosure through people like yourself?

Corey: Exactly. Yes, the Sphere-Being Alliance . . . The group that I talk with the most that people are aware of are the Blue Avians, and they are a sixth-density race.

And they look at us very differently than we look at each other. So, you know, they are all into the “We are One” concept. They see us as one group consciousness, one being that's kind of schizophrenic.

So, yes, they're here to not to save us but to kind of level the playing field so we can go through this shift.

Sean: One thing that I've heard this discussed is like the idea of two Earths splitting off. We just talked about the Mandela Effect and the splitting of timelines and the notion being that perhaps those who awaken – those who attain a higher level of consciousness – will basically separate into a new Earth.

And those who decide to stay more in Service-to-Self, basically, in the ego, will end up splitting off from those who attain to a higher consciousness, and there'll be sort of a branching into two realities in a way.

Corey: Mm-hm.

Sean: Does that resonate with some of the messages you've been given?

Corey: It does in a way. Most recently, after discussing the cosmic level of this Mandela Effect, when I've interfaced with Raw-Tear-Eir, who happens – that's the Blue Avian that I interface with the most – most recently, it's been communicated that us as a collective consciousness, as a group, we are choosing our reality.

And we want to reach what Tear-Eir called “a optimal temporal reality”. So right now, all of that's in flux. Our mass consciousness is . . . it's in flux. We're trying to make a decision.

And we've been so programmed by the control system that we are clinging to this third-density reality with both hands, and they're wanting us to kind of let go and take part in this shift that's occurring.

Sean: Right. And I'm wondering if that plays into the overall concept of the Mandela Effect, the idea that as our consciousness shifts, it's essentially moving us into a new awareness, in a sense, of our being and potentially of this new reality you're talking about.

Corey: Very much so. And what's been communicated to me is that the catalyst for all of this are the energetic changes that are occurring that are coming from the galaxy.

Our solar system is traveling through the galaxy, going through this huge, pretty much, cloud of energy. And then that energy is coming into our solar system and radiating out through the Sun.

So, yes, that's very much a part of the catalyst, but I was pretty surprised at how influential our group consciousness is on what we're experiencing and what we're going to experience. We are creating this reality.

Sean: I've noticed a strong . . . I think I'm not the only person who's noticed a very strong rhetoric around civil war, whether it's civil war being in Europe between immigrants and the local population or domestic in America with the various Hillary versus Trump rhetoric and the Black Lives Matter versus police force, for example.

Like, this is . . . It's a low-level consciousness, but it definitely seems to be pushing an agenda of civil war, new Cold War, potentially World War, vis-a-vis US and Russia.

Does this all play a role for the elite agenda of trying to basically keep our consciousness down and try to manipulate and control us as we break through, recognizing the sort of the facade that we are enslaved by these rules, and this is just a way of distracting us? But it doesn't seem to be working, as far as my perspective.

Would you agree with that?

Corey: Yeah, I agree. And they don't want us to realize that we're free-range slaves. But at the same time, they are doing . . . they are creating these wars and all the craziness right now to keep us confused and at each other's throats. But this is also to be a grand distraction from any type of Disclosure, any type of document dumps that may occur that will reveal crimes against humanity.

And so it's also used as a distraction.

Sean: Mm-hm. And, again, this is all about the consciousness war at the end of the day, right?

Corey: Yes.

Sean: So how do we as humans start to wake – to elevate? How can we access, for example, these alien beings that want to help us in our consciousness? How do we know that we're on the right path and recognize, in a sense, the signs and the guides that are being offered to us?

Corey: Well, because of this shift that we're going through, and because of these energetic changes, most of the benevolent beings don't want us reaching out to them. They want us reaching inside and to realize that we need to get off of our knees, quit giving away our sovereignty, and be free.

Sean: Going back to this issue of Russia and America, does this indicate a level of two ET groups that are basically working through these governments that are at odds with each other?

Corey: Yes. When you go all the way to the top, there's always going to be a non-terrestrial group that has its hand in working the puppet.

So, yeah, these groups are . . . and this is also a sign of the tensions that are occurring behind the scenes with these negotiations that I was talking about between these syndicates and the Earth Alliance.

Sean: Mm-hm. So we shouldn't look, though, to necessarily one group or the other as the good guy in the scenario?

Corey: No. If the Alliance takes over, they are planning on implementing a new financial system that will be controlled by the East for 100 years and still using financial system – Babylonian Money Magic, as we call it.

So a lot of people in the program are calling it a New World Order 2.0, or a kinder and gentler New World Order.

Sean: Right. If the agenda basically just shifts the power to the East and still keeps us enslaved, what would be the best resolution to this conflict between these countries for us, the people?

How can we resolve the situation without one group or the other simply taking the reins of power and continuing the same pyramid of power structure . . .

Corey: Right.

Sean: . . . controlling us?

Corey: That's the danger because absolute power corrupts absolutely. And all of these negotiations are occurring in the background, and you and I aren't invited to it. We're not putting in our two cents or what we would like to see happen.

So all of this is being done by different puppet masters in the background.

So until we get to a point to where we're out on the streets with signs and at the gates of the people that control everything, there's not a whole lot on our side we can do because it's occurring in the background.

Sean: But do you think it would take Disclosure for us to become that aware and that engaged again with our politics and with our society?

Corey: Yes, yes. I think that once we have some sort of a Disclosure, people are going to sit there and look back at their current belief systems and say, “Hmm, I need to re-evaluate this”.

And then their minds are going to open up, and they're going to be seeking all this information.

Sean: And so essentially what you're saying is the human consciousness has to come to the level of recognizing its own sovereignty and its own power. That's the real beginning of Disclosure.

Corey: Right.

Sean: It's not going to happen from a benevolent ET group arriving and saying, “We've been here all along, and we are your gods, and we love you.”

Corey: Right.

Sean: “And we're here to help.” That's not the way it's going to look.

Corey: Right. Now, it's all . . . this whole shift, all of this, is surrounded around consciousness.

The shift we're going through, the energetic changes, it is all about our consciousness. And our co-creative consciousness has the ability to change this world into a beautiful place.

But right now, our co-creative consciousness is the root of these dark groups' black magic. So they're using our co-creative consciousness against us.

Sean: If we can just talk a little bit more about which groups are ultimately using this magic and these dark forces against us, so we talk about the Martian elite. We've talked about the Draco. We've talked about the Nordics being less . . . more of the benevolent than the aggressors . . .

Corey: Some.

Sean: . . . in the situation, right? What are the other major players, the Greys, for example? Where do they fit into this?

Corey: Well, there are a lot of different types of Greys as well. There are some that look somewhat Reptilian, with small scales, but look exactly like Greys.

There are some that we've created that are . . . I guess Steven Greer used the term “programmed life forms”, that the Secret Space Program, covert secret space program groups, they will will use these when they re-abduct people who've been abducted by non-terrestrials to find out what occurred. They'll use one of these programmed life forms to interact with the person that's been re-abducted.

But so there are different Greys that are here, and there are different stories about them, that they come from different dimensions or come from our future.

[Sighs] That could very well be true for some of them, but some of these ones that are getting lumped into the Grey category are from planets in our local star cluster.

Sean: And then I've also heard about the cat-like feline people . . .

Corey: Yeah.

Sean: . . . who are actually the builders and supposedly very actually benevolent and helpful in the overall generation of life on Earth. Are they still present in different dimensions, for, like, different densities, as you mentioned?

Corey: Yes. They are very well known in the programs. And, sadly, there is a capture-or-kill order out on them. These beings are very benevolent, very loving, and are here to help us in our consciousness shift.

These programs, these secret programs, are trying to capture them to, I guess, I don't know, interrogate them or find out more about them. And they've had a lot of difficulty in trying to capture them.

Sean: So would you say that these felines are the actual progenitor race for life on Earth – for the human life on Earth?

Corey: I don't know if I'd go that far. I haven't seen any information where they have been genetically tinkering with us. They seem to be more interested in the spiritual aspect.

Sean: So do you know if there is a so-called “progenitor race”, like an Annunaki, that basically seeded life on Earth, as far as the humans are concerned?

Corey: Yes. The information goes that when these wars first happened on these two planets, there was a super Earth, I mean, a giant super Earth, that is where the Asteroid Belt is now.

And there were beings that were on this planet that we're talking about that after the great catastrophe moved to Earth and began to tinker with the life forms here on Earth after this great cataclysm.

Sean: And are they still involved in life on Earth? Are they still monitoring and sort of helping through, as you mentioned, through dreams and through different dimensions of consciousness?

Corey: My information is that this group slowly just kind of integrated. There are very few full-blooded versions of these beings around. They've interbred with humans quite a bit, and they are living on the planet, controlling the planet. So that seems to be their agenda.

Sean: But they are more benevolent towards humans, or they actually want . . . they have the interest of humans as opposed to some of these alien forces?

Corey: I wouldn't say that, no. They seem to be focused on their own agenda, and they also are wanting to control the population.

Sean: So at the end of the day, we have a lot of alien beings that are looking for control. And it would seem to me that your message is saying, “Look, if you want to, as a human being, want to actually do the right thing towards evolving your consciousness on your life's course and your life's journey, you basically have to orient yourself more towards Service-to-Others, more towards . . .

Corey: Right.

Sean: . . . more towards focusing on your internal state and not being as influenced and manipulated by your external surroundings and forces.”

Corey: Exactly. And that's exactly what was in the Blue Avian message. They stated that we needed to strive every day to be more Service-to-Others. We need to forgive not only others but to forgive ourselves, which involves shining that light in all the dark places that we don't want to.

And then they mentioned that we need to get on a high vibratory diet because our body has to be in the right frequency for us to grow spiritually and for our consciousness to evolve.

And they said if we do this, it will change the world one person at a time.

Sean: Which is a tremendous thing to begin with. So every person can be the change that they want to see in the world.

Corey: That's right.

Sean: Thanks so much for joining me today, Corey. It's fantastic conversation.

Corey: Thank you. It was a pleasure.

Sean: Well, there you have it, folks, some fascinating insights from Corey Goode. You may not agree with or believe everything said here, but I urge you to check out his website,, for more details, as well as his show, “Cosmic Disclosure”, here on Gaia.

Remember, the road to truth is a perilous path and requires constant reassessment. I am your host, Sean Stone. Remember, you are the revolution.

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