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  • David Wilcock says that the Blue Avians appear to be the same Ra that delivered the "Law of One"?

    Comment by dwilcock on March 3, 2015 @ 3:16 am
    No one is asking anyone to give their power away.
    The Blue Avians appear to be the same Ra that delivered the Law of One.
    They started out as a positive source — which were drawn as the hawk-headed “Gods” well after they left — and were quickly misconstrued as negative.
    They repeatedly say in the Law of One that the hawk is their symbol.

    Yes. he has been convinced for some time now of this. He has been a Law of One Scholar for 20 Years and actually lived with Carla in the house at L/L for 6 Years "Living" the Law of One. We have had quite a few discussions about this topic...

    It has only been very recently that after the Blue Avians wanted me to work with him (By name) and he has pointed out quite a lot of amazing synchronicities that I have become "Open Minded" about the possibility of this being possible. (Yes I used "Possible" Twice in the same sentence on purpose ). (So much more than I have been able to write about, more experiences than have been reported but will be covered in future interviews... DW records all of our audio/video online discussions (MANY MANY HOURS) and they are time stamped and there is an amazing amount of data that I am just unable to transcribe w/my current hand/forearm injury and the limitations that imposes. The information has been recorded though..)

    DW knew of my preconceived idea's on Channeling after what I had observed in the "Programs" and I too had to begin to practice what I was telling others. To be open minded to all of this information yet use my discernment and not just jump on board with something because it sounds good.

    This has been a major journey for me personally and I being very much a fallible Human Being am still working on myself and things I need to deal with to "Let Go" and "Forgive" to allow myself to "Release some Karma" and continue to try to raise my Vibration and Consciousness more and more on a daily basis. This is quite a challenge for anyone, those who make it sound like a lazy do nothing approach do not want to shine the spot light inward and do the hardest work IMHO.

    As I say in the Video that will be released, I was raised a Christian, and even though I had crazy MILAB/ET Federation and later SSP Experiences many of us who have a root belief system really have to open our minds and work hard to reconcile some of this information to try to make sense of it.

    I do not fault those who are not ready or willing to believe it. To be honest, if I had not experienced the life I have and some random guy on the Internet claimed to be talking to 8-9 Foot Tall 6th - 9th Density Blue Bird Beings... I would probably react very harshly.

    Especially if I was not "Awake" on any level and spent all of my existence inside the the Babylonian Money Magik Slave System and Watching the "Brain Washing Box" (TV) All Evening once I got home from my 9 hours of work and driving in traffic... I do think about those who are living in that paradigm and how difficult things are going to be after the series of "Events" occur that lead to the destruction of their perceived reality and then the time of reeducation and being told the true history of our species and civilization... I said it before, "Ignorance is bliss... Until its not!".


    02 Apr 2015