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  • Can you provide more information/resources regarding the financial resets/jubilees?

    I will be getting some updated information about all of this in the next several days. The Earth Based Alliance is working for a new financial system which will be another debt slave system of another name and controlled by a different group. The Cabal is working to hijack that system trading in the failing system for a new control system.

    The SSP Alliance hopes this will be a short lived system and once we are able to obtain "Full Disclosure" and bring out the suppressed technologies that will make any type of financial system a thing of the past and considered a "Dark Ages" relic of the Pre "A.D. Civilization" (After Disclosure) they intend to help create.

    Of course this does not depend on the actions of any "Light Forces", ET's, Earth Based or SSP Alliances alone. It depends mostly one each and every one of us.

    As each of us "Awaken" we become more empowered and realize the "Co-Creative Abilities" of our Mass/Shared Consciousness. The financial reset and new financial system is a positive thing to many people. Because of its potential of abuse and the lack of full disclosure under that system there will not be a true freedom of humanity.

    I know we have to start somewhere so I am not going to "Poo Poo" the efforts of the Earth Based Alliance.

    Just know how important YOU are to the process! YOU have been made to feel insignificant and powerless when the opposite is the truth.

    The "Elite" have cleverly used the extreme co-creative power of our mass consciousness against as a tool to keep us enslaved. If we realize this power we can reclaim it and control the time table of Full Disclosure and our own freedom.

    We have been genetically and socially programmed to look to the Elite and "Higher Beings" to worship and follow. It is time we overcome that programming and each become leaders of our own destinies. These are the keys to our freedom.

    Stop looking to esoteric teachers and guru's for "The Truth" or for information on "ET or ED Saviors". These are distortions that keep us from breaking the programming and taking the power that has been ours all along.

    Wouldn't you say the time for this to occur is long past due?

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    03 Jun 2015